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Contact person for computer problems

Accounts and passwords

Visitors and employees of the SFB: Ms Tiefenbach

All other visitors and employees: Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc 

Homepage, Commented Course Catalogue

Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc (Homepage), Prof. Dr. Hellus (CCC)

Contact to the Computer Center

Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc 


Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc (Lists of the Faculty), Secretary (Lists of the Graduate Schools), Ms Tiefenbach (List of the SFB) 

Technichal Support



Mr. PD Dr. Bogdan Matioc (Substitute Dr. Würth)

For urgent problems

  • Relating to the RZ-Account: SFB MsTiefenbach, Faculty: Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc
  • Employees of the SFB: see Technical Support or Ms Tiefenbach
  • With persistant problems please contact the computer center via Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc
  • For short-term visitors (up to a week): Please contact the technichal support via the secretary of your host. If that is not possible, please contact Ms PD Dr. Anca Matioc or Ms Tiefenbach.

Also see 

Notes for guests: Computers, Accounts

Computer hints for new employees

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