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Computer hints for new employees

1. RZ-Account

To get a RZ-Account, please contact the reponsible secretary. If you wish to work with Linux please notify the secretray. Hint: With a Linux-Account you can connect with nearly all computers at the university (at eyery ReX-Computer).

2. Register your computer

(for instance your laptop if you are a guest) You should register your computer at the Rechenzentrum (www.uni-regensburg.de/rechenzentrum/index.html), currently (Nov 2014) this can be done here: register.uni-regensburg.de. Important note: If you want to register your computer outside of our faculty (e.g. from biology), please choose "Kursrechneroption", further information is available from register.uni-regensburg.de/dhcpreginfo.html.

3. In case you lose your password

The Rechenzentrum offers a so-called "SMS-Passwortservice" (short message service for mobile phones) in case you lost your password. Further information is available from www.uni-regensburg.de/rechenzentrum/rz-account/rz-passwort-aendern/passwort-reset-einrichten/index.html.

4. Contact persons

Contact persons für computer-related questions

  1. Schools/Faculty