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Practical Year (Praktisches Jahr PJ)

General forms


PJ logbooks

The PJ logbooks are handed out by the PJ officers of the respective clinics, departments and teaching hospitals at the start of the tertial.

They will also provide you with organizational information about the PJ process.

With the amendment of the Licensing Regulations for Doctors in 2012, an obligation to keep PJ logbooks has been in place since April 1, 2013.

The obligation to keep the logbook applies in principle

  • at the home university (UR) or the home university hospital (UKR),
  • all academic teaching hospitals of the University of Regensburg and
  • at PJ positions abroad.

If the PJ is completed at another university hospital or a teaching hospital of another university, the logbook of the home university or teaching hospital there must be maintained.

When registering for the Third Part of the Medicine Examination, the logbook for each tertial must also be submitted to the Examination Office along with the registration for the examination.

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