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Collaborations with Research Groups from the University of Regensburg

Dresselhaus    Lab

Maize transcriptional dynamics

Grohmann Lab

RNA binding proteins in Archaea

Hau Lab

Prediction of treatment response based on expression profiles from in vitro treated cell cultures

Hellerbrand Lab

Modelling intercellular communication

Holler Lab

The gut microbiome during bone marrow transplantation

Klein Lab

Expression profiling in single cells

Medenbach Lab

Regulation of translation

Meister Lab

Target analysis of the mRNA binding protein BRAT

Nemeth Lab

Identification of nucleolus-associated domains

Sprunck Lab

Transcriptomics of Arabidopsis female gametes

Collaborations with external Research Groups

Bosserhof Lab

(University of Erlangen)


Transcriptomics of melanoma mouse model

Boutros Lab

(German Cancer Research Center, Heidelberg)


Modelling oncogenic signal propagation

Hummel Lab

(Charite Berlin)


Myc-DNA interaction in lymphomas

Klapper Lab

(Pathology Department,

University of Kiel)


Interplay of lymphomagenic mechanisms

Kube Lab

(University of Goettingen)


Molecular mechanisms in lymphoma

Löffler Group


University of Leipzig)


Systemsbiology of lymphoma

Siebert Lab

(Humangenetics Department, University of Kiel)


Genetic vs. expression characteristics of lymphomas

Walczak Lab

(Imperial College, London)


Modelling apoptotic signalling networks in hepatocytes

Research Networks

  • ApoNet - Systems Analysis of Apoptotic Signalling Networks
  • BayGene - Bayerisches Genomforschungsnetzwerk
  • ERASysBio - European Research Area for Systems Biology
  • FOR2127 - Selection and adaptation during metastatic cancer progression
  • HematoSys - Systembiologie der Hämatopoese und hämatopoetischer Neoplasien
  • MMML - Molecular Mechanisms in Malignant Lymphomas
  • MMML-Demonstrators (e:Med) - Demonstrators of Personalized Medicine
  • MMML-MYC-SYS (eBio) - Molecular Mechanisms in Malignant Lymphoma with MYC Deregulation
  • SFB960 - Ribosome formation: principles of RNP biogenesis and control of their function
  • TuMet - Tumor Metabolism meets Immunology

  1. Department of Medicine
  2. Institute of Functional Genomics

Statistical Bioinformatics

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