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Information about starting a Degree Course in History of Science

Important Information for students starting their study of History of Science

Introductory Event:

The introductory event will take place between 13 and 14 pm on 13 October, 2021 via Zoom.

The access data to the Zoom meeting:


Meeting-ID: 630 0534 4194
Kenncode: 967862

Generally you should only need to click on the link to attend the meeting.

In case of questions before or after, you are welcome to contact Christian Reiß.

Please also check www.ur.de/studienstart for current information.

General Information:

  • History of Science only offers one lecture with a corresponding tutorial per semester. Please plan your semester and course of studies accordingly, should you require more than one lecture for your degree (e.g. for BA minoring in History of Science or History of Science in the Freely Combinable Minor)
  • for your first semester as a BA student minoring in History of Science we recommend attending the lecture and corresponding tutorial. This way you get a first insight into our subject.
  • the registration for our classes (lectures, tutorials and seminars) occurs in the respective preliminary class in the first week of the semester.
  • in case of any problems or other questions, please contact the academic advisor. Please contact us sooner rather than later.

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