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Solving multi-pole challenges in the GW100 benchmark enables precise low-scaling GW calculations

arXiv:2405.20473 (2024)

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All-optical subcycle microscopy on atomic length scales

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Giant DC Residual Current Generated by Subcycle Laser Pulses

arXiv:2402.01490 (2024)

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Ultrafast atomic-scale scanning tunnelling spectroscopy of a single vacancy in a monolayer crystal

Nature Photonics 18, 595 (2024)

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Low-scaling GW algorithm applied to twisted transition-metal dichalcogenide heterobilayers

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Validation of the GreenX library time-frequency component for efficient GW and RPA calculations

Physical Review B 109, 245101 (2024)

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Physical Review B 107, 054305 (2023) (selected as Editor's suggestion)

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Ab initio spin-flip conductance of hydrogenated graphene nanoribbons: Spin-orbit interaction and scattering with local impurity spins

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Current patterns and orbital magnetism in mesoscopic dc transport

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C58 on Au (111): A scanning tunneling microscopy study

Journal of Chemical Physics 138, 104703 (2013)

[1] J. Wilhelm, M. Walz, M. Stendel, A. Bagrets, F. Evers

Ab initio simulations of scanning-tunneling-microscope images with embedding techniques and application to C58-dimers on Au(111)

Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 15, 6684-6690 (2013)


Stoffumwandlungen und Bilanzen: Ein Lehrbuch für Wirtschaftsingenieure, two editions published in 2012 and 2013 (in German; book for Industrial Engineering students at Karlsruhe Institute of Technology to prepare for Chemical Engineering exam; passing the exam was mandatory until 2015 to obtain B.Sc. degree in Industrial Engineering; ISBN: 978-3000431555)

Computational Electronic Structure Theory


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