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Carbon nanotube based junctions

Carbon nanotubes, graphene rolled onto a seamless cylinder, are prototypes of one-dimensional quantum conductors.
Their diameter of a few nanometers and their length up to several micometers makes them interesting for applications. At the same time quantum correlations and electronic interactions constitute a challenge for the theoretical description of their properties.
Along the years we have been focusing on various transport properties of carbon nanotubes, encompassing Fabry-Perot interference, Kondo anomalies and Luttinger liquid physics.


Image: Author - Michael Niklas

A Kondo cloud in a carbon nanotube

See some key publications:

Fabry-Pérot Oscillations in Correlated Carbon Nanotubes
Wei Yang, C. Urgell, S. L. De Bonis, Magdalena Marganska, Milena Grifoni und A. Bachthold
Physical Review Letters 125, 187701 (2020) 

Unraveling a concealed resonance by multiple Kondo transitions in a quantum dot
Aritra Lahiri, Tokuro Hata, Sergey Smirnov, Meydi Ferrier, Tomonori Arakawa, Michael Niklas, Magdalena Marganska, Kensuke Kobayashi und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 101, 041102 (2020)

Shaping Electron Wave Functions in a Carbon Nanotube with a Parallel Magnetic Field
Magdalena Marganska, Daniel R. Schmid, Alois Dirnaichner, Peter L. Stiller, Christoph Strunk, Milena Grifoni und Andreas K. Hüttel
Physical Review Letters 122, 086802 (2019)

Coherent population trapping by dark state formation in a carbon nanotube quantum dot
Andrea Donarini, Michael Niklas, Michael Schafberger, Nicola Paradiso, Christoph Strunk und Milena Grifoni
Nature Communications 10, 1-8 (2019)

Secondary Electron Interference from Trigonal Warping in Clean Carbon Nanotubes
Alois Dirnaichner, Miriam del Valle, Karl J. Götz, Felix Schupp, Nicola Paradiso, Milena Grifoni, Christoph Strunk und Andreas K. Hüttel
Phys. Rev. Lett. 117, 166804 (2016)

Blocking transport resonances via Kondo many-body entanglement in quantum dots
Michael Niklas, Sergey Smirnov, Davide Mantelli, Magdalena Marganska, Ngoc-Viet Nguyen, Wolfgang Wernsdorfer, Jean-Pierre Cleuziou und Milena Grifoni
Nature Communications 7 (2016)

The two classes of low-energy spectra in finite carbon nanotubes
Magdalena Marganska, Piotr Chudzinski und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 92, 075433 (2015)

Transport across a carbon nanotube quantum dot contacted with ferromagnetic leads: Experiment and nonperturbative modeling
Alois Dirnaichner, Milena Grifoni, Andreas Prüfling, Daniel Steininger, Andreas K. Hüttel und Christoph Strunk
Physical Review B (PRB) 91, 195402 (2015)

Broken SU(4) symmetry in a Kondo-correlated carbon nanotube
Daniel R. Schmid, Sergey Smirnov, Magdalena Marganska, Alois Dirnaichner, Peter L. Stiller, Milena Grifoni, Andreas K. Hüttel und Christoph Strunk
Physical Review B (PRB) 91, 155435 (2015)

Thermally induced subgap features in the cotunneling spectroscopy of a carbon nanotube
Sascha Ratz, Andrea Donarini, Daniel Steininger, Thomas Geiger, Amit Kumar, Andreas K. Hüttel, Christoph Strunk und Milena Grifoni
New Journal of Physics 16, 123040 (2014)

Linear and nonlinear transport across carbon nanotube quantum dots
Leonhard Mayrhofer und Milena Grifoni
Eur. Phys. J. B 56, 107 (2007)

Non-Fermi-liquid behavior in transport across carbon nanotube quantum dots
Leonhard Mayrhofer und Milena Grifoni
Phys. Rev. B 74, 121403(R) (2006)

Correlated sequential tunneling in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid quantum dots
Michael Thorwart, R. Egger und Milena Grifoni
phys. status solidi b 242, 218-225 (2005)

Phonon-assisted tunneling in interacting suspended single wall carbon nanotubes
Wataru Izumida und Milena Grifoni
New J. Phys. 7, 244 (2005)

Carbon nanotube single-electron transistors at room temperature
H. W. Ch. Postma, Milena Grifoni, T. Teepen, Z. Yao und Cees Dekker
Science 293, 76 (2001)


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