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Interacting quantum dots

Quantum dots are small conductors where the interplay between size quantization and electronic interactions gives rise to intricate many-body phenomena like interaction driven dark-states formation or the Kondo effect.
We have developed various theoretical methods, encampassing quantum master quation approaches or Keldysh field theories to cope with such intricacies.

Image: Author - Leonhard Mayrhofer

Coulomb diamonds and 4 electron periodicity in a carbon nanotube quantum dot

See some key publications:

Fano stability diagram of a symmetric triple quantum dot
Michael Niklas, Andreas Trottmann, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
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Johannes Kern und Milena Grifoni
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Sergey Smirnov und Milena Grifoni
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Sergey Smirnov und Milena Grifoni
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Sergey Smirnov und Milena Grifoni
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Bhaskaran Muralidharan und Milena Grifoni
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Correlated sequential tunneling in Tomonaga-Luttinger liquid quantum dots
Michael Thorwart, R. Egger und Milena Grifoni
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