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Single molecule junctions

Bottom-up electronics based on single-molecule transistors can constitute a viable alternative to top-down semiconducting electronics. We are interested in the key signatures of electronic transport through single-molecule transistors. Also topographic features as revealed im STm set-ups are investigated.


Image: Author - Andrea Donarini

A biphenyl-based single molecule junction

See some key publications:

Spin-orbit interaction induces charge beatings in alightwave-STM -- single molecule junction
Moritz Frankerl und Andrea Donarini
Physical Review B 103, 85420 (2021) 

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Benjamin Siegert, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
Physical Review B (PRB) 93, 121406(R) (2016)

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Benjamin Siegert, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
Beilstein J. Nanotechnol. 6, 2452-2462 (2015)

The role of the tip symmetry on the STM topography of π-conjugated molecules
Benjamin Siegert, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
physica status solidi (b) 250, 2444-2451 (2013)

Many-body localized molecular orbital approach to molecular transport
Dmitry A. Ryndyk, Andrea Donarini, Milena Grifoni und Klaus Richter
Physical Review B (PRB) 88, 085404 (2013)

Topographical fingerprints of many-body interference in STM junctions on thin insulating films
Andrea Donarini, Benjamin Siegert, Sandra Sobczyk und Milena Grifoni
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Sandra Sobczyk, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
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Dana Darau, Georg Begemann, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
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Georg Begemann, Dana Darau, Andrea Donarini und Milena Grifoni
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Dynamical symmetry breaking in transport through molecules
Andrea Donarini, Milena Grifoni und Klaus Richter
Phys. Rev. Letters 97, 166801-1 (2006)


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