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Electrons are charged particles characterized by an intrinsic halb-integer spin degree of freedom.
Such proberty manifests itself in magnetic properties of some elements, like iron or mangonise.
In addition it is very useful in storage applications using magnetic memories.
In our group we investigate the impact of the electron at the nanoscale systems, of interest are e.g. hyprid structures with ferromagnetic elements.
Also, we consider how spin-orbit coupling impacts the transport properties of small nanoconductors.

Image - Source: A. Dirnaichner et al., PRB 91, 195402 (2015)

The tunneling mangeto-resistance (TMR) of a carbon nanotube contacted to ferromagnetic leads can be tuned via a gate voltage.

See some key publications:

Double-island Coulomb blockade in (Ga,Mn)As nanoconstrictions
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Wouter Wetzels, Gerrit E. W. Bauer und Milena Grifoni
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