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Research Assistants

Heide-Marie Weig, M.A.

Sebastian Graef, M.A.

Project-Related Publications:

Heide-Marie Weig: "Amateur Theatricals and the Dramatic Marketplace: Lacy's and French's Acting Editions of Plays." Nineteenth Century Theatre and Film, 2017, doi: 10.1177/1748372717742305.

Project-Related Conferences:


Sebastian Graef: "Catholic Motifs in Late-Victorian & Edwardian British Queer Fiction."
DACH Victorianists (Online Conference)

14.11.- 17.11.2019

Conference, Vancouver, Kanada, "North American Conference on British Studies"
Presentation Heide-Marie Weig: "Crafting the Drawing-Room Stage: Victorian Amateur Theatricals and Middle-Class Identity."

14.04. - 16.04.2016
Conference, New College Oxford, UK, "The London Stage in the 19th-century World"
Presentation Heide-Marie Weig: "The Amateur and the Theatrical Marketplace: Lacy's and French's Acting Editions of Plays"

Project-Related Presentations / Workshops :

Sebastian Graef 02/2019: "Telling Objects at the British Museum." Dinggeschichten der Neugierde: Objects of Empire (Symposium). Bayerische Akademie der Wissenschaften, München

Heide-Marie Weig & Sebastian Graef: 07/2017: ‘Social Media Through the Ages’, as part of the teacher training conference ‘Populism and the Popular’, University of Regensburg

Heide-Marie Weig & Sebastian Graef: 10/2017: Workshop: ‘Social Media in the Age of Populism’, University of Regensburg

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Research Assistants

Heide-Marie Weig, M.A.

Sebastian Graef, M.A.

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