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Student Survey

We need your answers!

The comprehensive survey of all students at the University of Regensburg on their experiences with their programs and study conditions will take place once again in the winter semester of 2023-24.

What is the aim?

The aim of the survey is to give you the opportunity to express your opinions about your program in an uncomplicated and anonymous way, draw attention to problematic aspects and highlight particularly positive aspects. So, the questionnaire is designed to be as short and open as possible, and you can answer it in the way that is best for you. From individual words to entire novels – tell us your experiences, give us suggestions, tell us your opinion!

What happens to the results?

The results of the survey are processed centrally and then made available to the participants in the survey and the people responsible for your degree program. The people responsible for your program can see from your answers which study-related topics are currently on your mind and can derive important measures from this to further develop your program.

Why doesn't everyone get the same questionnaire?

In order to make the survey as relevant as possible for you, students of bachelor's, master's and teacher training programs receive questions on selected subject areas, depending on their semester of study, which are also used as part of the course evaluations for quality assurance and further development of their programs. These subject areas include consultation & information, workload & exam organization, structure & modularization, internship & stay abroad as well as the final thesis.

Why participate?

We take your opinion seriously. By taking part, you actively contribute to shaping the studies and study conditions for yourself and future generations of students, and to fulfilling the demand for high-quality studies!

As an incentive, a total of three vouchers from Wunschgutschein.de worth € 50 each, and several vouchers from the campus restaurant Unikat will be given away to participants in the survey. In addition, all participants in the survey will then receive access to their program-specific results.

Take part in the survey that you have received an invitation to at your student email address now!

You can find more information about us at: Quality Management and Coordination of Studies and Teaching - Universität Regensburg (German version only).

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