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Training and continuing education at Universität Regensburg

Universität Regensburg offers a wide choice of training and educational possibilities both for internal and external participants. It supports it teaching staff to develop their knowledge of their subject and of didactics in higher education. It ensures its administrative and academic staff have the skills they need with training and continuing education. The university culture is cosmopolitan and welcoming, aiming to transfer the fruits of research into practical application.

Educational services for external participants

Academic training range

The target group of the academic training range is those with career-experience. There are focal points in economics, real estate management, and in language and communication.

further information on academic training

For teachers

Regensburg University Center for Teacher Training (RUL)

Guided tours and training courses from the University Library

For young people

MINT projects

Girls' Day and Boys' Day at Universität Regensburg

Early study

Regensburger Schüerlabor RSL (Regensburg Pupils' Lab / Pupils' Research Center) of the Faculty of Physics

Guided tours and training courses from the University Library

Educational services for members of staff

Human resources development in university teaching

The aim of the didactic training for university lecturers from the Center for University and Academic Teaching (ZHW) is to increase the teaching competency of UR lecturers. The range has a modular structure and includes workshops and individual counseling.

Information on the ZHW homepage

IT training for members of staff

The Computer Center offers employees free courses for a multitude of IT programs. These include classics like Word, Excel or Powerpoint, but also less well-known applications like Imperia or the e-learning platform G.R.I.P.S.

Information on the Computer Center Homepage

Sports program for staff

To balance out your work, all members of staff of UR are invited to take part in university sports. Alongside the regular sports program, exclusive courses are offered for members of staff.

Information on the University Sports homepage

University Library

The University Library offers members of staff and researchers an introduction to the functionality and range of services it offers. It also offers training in the citation software Citavi and for digital publishing.

Information on the University Library homepage

Educational services for students

Foreign language training

UR Students have the chance to gain skills in a multitude of foreign languages alongside their studies. On top of this, the Language Center also offers subject-specific language courses for those studying law, natural sciences and humanities and cultural studies.

Information on the Language Center homepage

University Sports

University Sports at UR makes sure there is a diverse range of sports available for students. Participants have the chance to learn the basics and rules in new types of sport and to develop their skills in tried and tested ones.

University Sports website

IT training

The Computer Center's IT training is for students of all faculties who want to improve their skills in information and communication technology or in the design of digital media. The training is designed around the needs of students both during their studies and in their future careers.

Information on the Computer Center's homepage

University Library

The University Library provides a wide range from tours of the library through to courses on research, formulation and learning technology or correct citation.

Information on the University Library homepage

Further non-degree courses

Alongside the areas covered above, there is a multitude of additional options for students to extend their knowledge and skills beyond their own area of studies. You can find an overview of these options on this page:

Overview of all non-degree training opportunities



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