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Information on Attendance

Membership Card: Entitlement and Purchase

The following groups are entitled to purchase a University Sports Membership Card

Students and staff of Regensburg University and OTH Regensburg and affiliated institutions.

To enter the facilities and attend courses, a valid Membership Card must be presented unsolicited at the entrance and carried at all times.

Additional cards can be purchased. No Membership Card is necessary for Fitness in a break (RückenFit). For courses of external providers of the University Sports Center, a valid Membership Card is required, however, payment and registration are processed by the external provider (see course description for further details).

Purchase of the University Sports Membership Card

The Membership Card and additional cards can be purchased with your UR-Card or if you don't have one the cafeteria card only (no cash!).

Students of Regensburg University need to use the UR-Terminals on Uni-Campus to purchase their Membership Card (It will not work on Terminals of OTH!).

Students of OTH need to use the Terminals on OTH-Campus to purchase their Membership Card (It will not work on Terminals on Uni-Campus!).

Staff: Please see Ms Mundigl (Room 4008, usually opened: Mo-Fr 9am-1pm) or Pforte des Sportzentrums.

With a valid Membership Card you:

... can use our facilities and go to classes.

... accept our user regulation (in German).

Please show your Membership Card at the entry without being asked. No entry without valid Membership Card!

Fees and Validity

The fee is to be paid with your UR-card or cafeteria card. The amount to be paid is made up of the basic membership fee (Grundgebühr) and additional cards (Zusatzkarten) per semester.

Obligatory basic fee for one semester (1st April-30th September or 1st October-31st March) : 15€ for students(20€ for staff)

Optional additional cards:

  • Climbing: +18€ (W18C)
  • Weight Room: +13€ (W18F)
  • Sauna: Ticket of ten +25€, Single entry +5€
  • Combo Ticket: +40€ (use of all courses, facilities, sauna, climbing wall and weight room) (W18K)

The Membership Card is printed on the UR-/OTH-card right after purchase at a validating machine (see corresponding code in brackets).


The Membership Card and additional cards are valid for one semester (term time and semester break)

  • Summer term: 1st April – 30th September
  • Winter term: 1st October – 31st March

Terms of Use

In order to be allowed to use our facilities, you have to accept our Terms of Use for:

... the University Sports Center.

... the weight room.

... the climbing facilites.

Registration for Classes

In some courses there are limited spaces and you need to register for those courses in advance.

Depending on the status, there are different buttons that appear next to the course description:

  • Keine Buchung (no booking): Appears prior to/ after the registration period.
  • Buchen (booking): Free spaces are available and can be booked.
  • Gesperrt (blocked): Confirmation of instructor pending- as soon as the course is confirmed, the status will be adapted.

To register click the button and fill out the form popping up to save your space. If a red button appears you can add your name to the waiting list and will be sent a message as soon as places become available. The fastest one on the computer can then sign up. If possible, use an email address of Regensburg University (…@uni-regensburg.de or …@ur.de).

Membership Card - False Entry

The booking of the basic membership card is prerequisite for the purchase of additional cards. If only additional cards are booked, you need to pay the basic membership fee at the validating machine in order to get the corresponding code printed (=validation) onto your card.

Enquiries in this regard are handled by Ms Mundigl.