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Präsidiumsreferentinnen und -referenten

Appael and personnel matters

Christine Rohrwild
Administration building, room 1.21
Phone 0941 943-2368 (in the morning)
fax 0941 943-1682
E-mail christine.rohrwild@ur.de

Research funding and third-party funds

Christina Ludwig
Administration building, room 1.39b
Phone 0941 943-5531
fax 0941 943-3628
E-mail christina.ludwig@ur.de

Central Committees

Peter Grimm
Administration building, room 2.10
Phone 0941 943-2454
Fax 0941 943-1808
E-mail peter.grimm@ur.de

International Office

Marianne Sedlmeier
Administration building, room 0.14
Phone 0941 943-2373
fax 0941 943-3882
E-mail marianne.sedlmeier@ur.de

promotion of young scientists and personnel development for scientific staff

Dr. Angela Weil-Jung
Assembly Building, Room 4.14
Phone 0941 943-5592
fax 0941 943-3310
E-mail angela.weil-jung@ur.de

Quality Management and Coordination in Teaching and Learning

Matthias Baderschneider
Building of the former bookstore Lehmanns, room 0.00.204
(between administration building and refectory)
Phone 0941 943-1531
E-mail matthias.baderschneider@ur.de

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