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Equal opportunities, equality and inclusion

As part of its mission statement, Universität Regensburg has committed itself to gender equality, to the compatibility of family and working life, and to equal opportunities. The university campaigns for inclusion, the integration of all people in all areas of study and working life, whether they have disabilities or not. On this page, we will give you an overview of those bodies within the UR which are particularly there to champion equality, equal opportunity, inclusion and universal accessibility; and which can offer advice on these issues.

Students with Disability

It goes without saying that you can study successfully at the UR with a disability! To support this, the help center for students with disabilities provides an overview of information, tips and contact details on their website:

Homepage of Students with Disability (German version only)

Representative for Staff with Severe Disabilities

The job of the Representative for Staff with Severe Disabilities is "to facilitate the integration of people with severe disabilities into their departments, to represent the interests of staff with severely disabilities and to provide advice and support to them".

Homepage of the Representative for Staff with Severe Disabilities
    (German version only)

Equal Opportunities Unit

The Equal Opportunities Unit is the point of contact for the personnel in administrative, technical and central organizational units. The equal opportunities officers advise and support the staff with queries relating to equal opportunities and in case of problems.

Homepage of the Equal Opportunities Unit (German version only)

Coordination Office for Equal Opportunities and Family

The coordination office advises and supports the members of the UR around issues regarding the compatibility of family and working or student life. As regards equality, the Women's Representative and her deputies are responsible for both the personnel active in scientific fields, research and teaching, and for students.

Coordinating Office for Equal Opportunities and Family

Staff Council

The Staff Council is committed to prevent measures which unjustifiably disadvantage staff at the UR. In addition to this, the staff representatives are concerned with the integration and professional development of members of staff with severe disabilities.

Homepage of the Staff Council (German version only)