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Process Management

                                                                                                       Credit: Julia Dragan

WHAT is process management?

Process management encompasses identification, design, documentation, implementation, control and optimization of processes, including workflows and procedures.

We analyze and optimize administrative processes in order to standardize and digitize them.

WHY process management?

There are multiple reasons for process management - these are our Top Five:

  • We gain transparency regarding our processes and will be able to explain them to students and scientists as well as to University support staff.
  • We reduce processing times and save time for other important tasks.
  • We create clear structures and responsibilities.
  • Digitalized processes enable us to work indepedent from place and time.
  • We keep valuable knowledge as retirement or end of contracts of employees entail a loss of institutional memory.

WHO is involved?

Will the entire administration be involved? Not immediately. The plan provides

  • pilot processes in 2021, including process mappings and trainings.

  • a second round in fall 2022, along with precise descriptions of processes and objective, documentation, and training material.

  • digitalization of processes as far as possible. For this purpose, a working group was set up.



  • The pilot processes have been worked on intensively.

  • Further processes are being analyzed.

  • Process descriptions are now accessible in the process portal.

The Story about the Project

In this video (14 min.), you will learn more about Process Management being part of  Administration 4.0.

What is it all about? Who is involved?

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