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Special Envoys

April 25, 2022

Informal get-together of the Administration's "Special Envoys" on campus.

Credit: twa.

The Administration's "Special Envoys" or "Ambassadors"

  • developed a first draft of vision and mission,
  • collected feedback from all administrative staff in interviews,
  • compiled a summary from all feedback discussions in the respective administration departments,
  • and collaborated with administrative department managers and the University Chancellor in order to develop final versions of the vision and mission statements.

Chancellor's Office

Mareike Artmann

Department I

Carolin Gabler and Daniela Hodapp

Department II

Alexandra Franke-Nanić

Department III

Michaela Schöfmann

Department IV

Patricia Amann and Josef Guggenberger

Department V

Markus Hartl and Ann-Kathrin Roßner

University Administration


Martina Fischer

Sammelgebäude, Room 4.12

Phone +49 941 943-7411
E-Mail: martina.fischer@ur.de