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Students with Special Needs

The Universität Regensburg gives high priority to students with special needs. Most parts of the campus are accessible by wheelchair. In addition, the computer centre as well as the library provide special facilities for visually impaired students.

Extra-curricular Activities

A vibrant cultural life has developed on the campus, with more than 15 student theatre groups and various choirs and orchestras. The university auditorium attracts a large audience from the city itself and beyond with its many internationally renowned music and theater performances. Each semester, the sports centre offers a vast selection of recreational courses for all students ranging from aikido and canoeing to rock-climbing and yoga.


City and Student Life

Last but not least, the attractiveness of the university is enhanced by the appeal of the city itself, with its everpresent traces of more than 2,000 years of history. Since July 2006, Regensburg has carried the UNESCO distinction “World Heritage”, which recognizes the unique character of the medieval city centre and its magnificent architecture–above all the Old Stone Bridge over the Danube and St. Peter’s Cathedral. Regensburg’s townscape still testifies to the economic and cultural vitality and the political eminence of the city during the Middle Ages.

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Student Life