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Chair of Leadership and Organization - Prof. Dr. Thomas Steger

Project employees

Barbara Frey, M.A.

Barbara Frey holds a Bachelor degree in Political Science from University of Belgrade, Serbia. She further obtained her Master degree in European Political and Administrative Studies at College of Europe in Bruges, Belgium. 

After the graduation Barbara worked as Public Affairs Consultant in Brussels in Berlin in both public and private sector.

In February 2020 Barbara started working as Research Fellow / PhD candidate at the Chair of Business Administration, Leadership and Organization (Prof. Dr. Thomas Steger) at the University of Regensburg.

She is part of the DFG-funded Project: From Informality to Corruption (1817-2018): Serbia and Croatia in Comparison (DFG Project 418675522).

Reserach Topics

  • Corruption
  • Transition Economies
  • Business Compliance
  • Political Economy
  • Public Policy



University of Regensburg
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