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The chairs/ professorships at the institute for real estate industry want their scientific research to be understood as a platform for theoretic and application oriented research. Only like that the area of conflict between theory and praxis can experience large significance. The goal is to impart the students and third parties expertise in problem-solving processes in the praxis of the real estate industry.

The research emphases at the centre of excellence for sustainability in the real estate industry subdivide themselves according to the following schema:

Bienert Forschung

"Identify and Understand"

Scenario development to downscale global processes of change for the real estate   industry:

         • Data processing and modelling/ tools

         • Identification of functional chains

         • Identification and evaluation of risks

         • Analysis of potential accumulated losses

         • Complex systems and intrinsic uncertainty 

Sustainability Due Diligence 

Research in the field of urban/ cross-city hedonic "quality of life"(QOL), especially   implicit prices of environmental aspects (environmental attribute, environmental     determinants)/ hedonic price models  

Analysis of the user satisfaction and needs 

Analysis of aspects of the market failure 

Intertemporal problems/ ethics/ intergenerational challenges of the climate             change 

"Avoid and Adapt"

Benchmarking and development of generic strategies for resource conservation 

Optimisation of the user behavior 

Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the real estate industry 

Sustainability reports according to the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI)/                   environmental performance of corporations
Sustainability analysis (cost-benefit analysis, CO2 evaluation, LCC/ Integral             planning, Green Labels and environmental accounting(LCA)) 

Optimisation of the risk transfer systems 

Mechanisms for the internalisation of negative external/ politico-economic             implications/ Evaluation of politico-economic

"Change and Innovate"

Resource management (in a scientific way) und real estate industry – sketch of an   sustainable ecologic real estate industry 

Communication/ Distribution of environmentally relevant results/ findings 

Optimisation oft he sustainability of real estate investments:

         • Creation/ standardisation/ advancement of testing standards

         • End-use/ Least cost thoughts

         • Development of adapted financial instruments

         • Advancements of Green Leases 

Green Development/ Green Building/Brownfields/ Plus-buildings/ Bionic-               buildings 

Sector strategies in the field of adaption to climate change 

Sustainable management and management of existing property/ implementation     of bionic findings in the real estate industry 

  1. Faculty for Business Economics
  2. IRE|BS institute for real estate industry

Competence Center for Sustainable Real Estate


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