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Kia Aynaz

M.SC. Thesis (2024):

Development of an electrochemical characterization concept for Al metallization for microelectronic application

Dr. Daniel Böhm

Ph.D. Thesis (2023):

The combination of amperometry and mass spectrometry as a novel dual detection concept for capillary electrophoresis

Martin Koall

M.SC. Thesis (2022):

Instrumental studies of capillary electrophoresis coupled to mass spectrometry

Dr. Beate Scherer

Ph.D. Thesis (2021):

Analytical characterization of polyamide 11 and related polymers used for additive manufacturing

Dr. Stefan Wert

Ph.D. Thesis (2021):

Hyphenation of scanning electrochemical microscopy with other instrumental systems

Dr. Stefan Weigl

Ph.D. Thesis (2021):

Development of a sensor system for human breath acetone analysis based on photoacoustic spectroscopy

Gisela Emmert

TECHNICIAN (Retired 2021):

Dr. Thomas Herl

Ph.D. Thesis (2020):

Methodical developments for hyphenation of electrochemistry and mass spectrometry coupled to different separation techniques

Dr. Timo Raith

Ph.D. Thesis (2020):

Methodical developments for hydrodynamic scanning electrochemical microscopy

Teresa Siegert

M.SC. Thesis (2020):

Age determination of ivory via two-point-method of suitable radionuclides and the application of EPR

Gerhard Gottinger

M.SC. Thesis (2020):

Entwicklung einer Schnellmethode zur Bestimmung von 90Sr in Ca-haltigen Matrices mit Cherenkov-Counting

Johannes Eidenschink

M.SC. Thesis (2020):

Investigations on the hyphenation of capillary electrophoresis to mass spectrometry

Dr. Peter Braun

Ph.D. Thesis (2019):

Investigations on the reduction of engine-nitrogen-oxide emissions at low temperatures

Dr. Bernhard Durner

Ph.D. Thesis (2019):

Analyzing the chemical heterogeneity of poly(dimethylsiloxanes) and other polymers: Development and optimization of a polymer HPLC method

Dr. Andreas Schmidberger

Ph.D. Thesis (2019):

Development and application of an analytical strategy for the determination of Th-232 and Th-228 in ivory based on the combined use of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and α-spectrometry

Dr. Patrick Hanekamp

Ph.D. Thesis (2019):

Development and application of an edperimental concept for surface characterization of semiconductor based substrates using scanning electrochemical microscopy

Daniel Böhm

M.Sc. Thesis (2019):

Development of a new dual detection consept (amperometry/mass spectrometry) for capillary electrophoresis

Nicole Heigl

M.Sc. Thesis (2019):

Investigations by means of electrochemistry-mass spectrometry

Dr. Stefan Viehbeck

Ph.D. Thesis (2018):

Application of novel instrumental analytical approaches for the characterization of surface related phenomena in the context of automotive manufacturing

Dr. Christian Iffelsberger

Ph.D. Thesis (2018):

Method development for scanning electrochemical microscopy and its application for material characterization

Dr. Andrea Beutner

PH.D. Thesis (2018):

Selectivity enhancement in capillary electrophoresis - development of a two-dimensional separation and a dual detection system

Sonja Kunz

M.SC. Thesis (2018):

Determination of sterol compounds with gas chromatography-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry

Silvia Lo-Guasto

March 2017 - February 2018

Stefan Wert

M.SC. Thesis (2018):

Development and optimization of an electrochemical flow cell configuration for hydrodynamic scanning electrochemical microscopy

Dr. Thomas Rück

Ph.D. Thesis (2017):

Development, characterization and miniaturziation of a trace gas detection system for NO2 in air based on photoacoustic spectroscopy

Beate Scherer

M.SC. Thesis (2017):

High-speed electromigrative separations coupled to mass spectrometry

Konstantin Vorrat

M.SC. Thesis (2017):

Elektrochemische Untersuchungen gekoppelt an Hochleistungsflüssigkeitschromatographie und Massenspektrometrie

Natalia Bukharinova

M.SC. Thesis (2017):

Untersuchungen zur elektrokinetischen Chromatographie mit tensidfreien Mikroemulsionen

Katrin Gradl

M.SC. Thesis (2017):

Comparison of different ionization modes for GC-MS determinations of sterol species in biological materials

Dr. Bastiaan Van der Weerd

Ph.D. Thesis (2016):

Entwicklung und Charakterisierung von CO2-Sensoren für die Bestimmung der CO2-Eliminierung während extrakorporaler Membranoxygenierung

Sebastian Piendl

M.SC. Thesis (2016):

Capillary based separation techniques coupled to contactless conductivity detection

Timo Raith

M.SC. Thesis (2016):

Development and characterization of an electrochemical flow cell for scanning electrochemical microscopy

Dr. Preety Vatsyayan

Post Doc (2011 - 2016):

Thomas Herl

M.SC. Thesis (2016):

Hyphenation of electrochemical systems with mass spectrometry

Dr. Magdalena Waldhier

Ph.D. Thesis (2015):

Towards Chiralomics: Targeted and Untargeted Gas Chromatography-Mass Spectrometry based Enantioselective Metabolome Analysis

Dr. Rebekka Scholz

Ph.D. Thesis (2015):

Elektrochemisch assistierte Injektion in Kopplung mit Kapillarelektrophorese und Massenspektrometrie - Neue Moglichkeiten für electrochemische Untersuchungen von Biomolekülen -

Dr. Martina Schuster

Ph.D. Thesis (2015):

Entwicklung und Validierung einer kombinierten Schnellanalysenmethode zur Bestimmung der natürlichen Radionuklide Pb-210, Po-210, Ra-226, U-234 und U-238 in Trinkwasser

Dr. Alexander Zöpfl

Ph.D. Thesis (2015):

Carbon Nanomaterials Based on Graphene in (Electro-) chemical Sensors: Characterization, Modification and Application

Dr. Heike Mader

Post Doc (January 2013 - June 2015):

Andreas Schmidberger

M.SC. Thesis (2015):

Development and application of an analytical strategy for the determination of Th-232 and Th-228 in ivory based on the combined use of inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry and α-spectrometry

Dr. Jonas Mark

Ph.D. Thesis (2014):

Analytical approaches to the analysis of small samples and Hyphenation of fast capillary electrophoresis to other instrumental techniques

Stefan Viehbeck

M.SC. Thesis (2014):

Optimierung und Charakterisierung neuer Atmosphärendruck-Ionenquellen für die Direktaufgabe zur massenspektrometrischen Untersuchung von Proben der Automobilindustrie

Marco Peteranerl

M.SC. Thesis (2014):

Development of a sample preparation strategy for microliter samples based on ion chromatography

Andrea Beutner

M.SC. Thesis (2014):

Advanced applications of fast capillary electrophoresis

Christian Iffelsberger

M.SC. Thesis (2014):

Untersuchungen zur elektrochemischen Rastermikroskopie im Hochauflösungsmodus

Maria Cindric

(September 2011 - December 2014):

Dr. Stefan Bergner

Ph.D. Thesis (2013):

Untersuchungen von Zellmonoschichten mittels Elektrochemischer Rastermikroskopie

Dr. Peter Palatzky

Ph.D. Thesis (2013):

Electrochemically assisted injection for Capillary Electrophoresis Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry- novel instrumental and methodical developments -

Veronika Martini

M.SC. Thesis (2013):

Entwicklung und Validierung einer Analysenmethode für Pb-210, Ra-228 und U-238 in Trinkwasser mittels Cerenkov-Counting

Matthias Scholler

M.SC. Thesis (2013):

Entwicklung und Validierung einer Bestimmungsmethode für U-238 und U-234 in Trinkwasser

Stephanie Bauer

M.SC. Thesis (2013):

Optimierung eines GC-APCI-MS-Systems für bioanalytische Anwendungen

Loi Vo

M.SC. Thesis (2013):

Bestimmung von Sterolprofilen in humanem Plasma und Plättchen mittels Gaschromatographie-Massenspektrometrie

Christian Wachsmuth

M.SC. Thesis (2013):

Evaluation of gas chromatography/atmospheric pressure chemical ionization time-of-flight mass spectrometry for qualitative and quantitative metabolomics

Dr. Marco Grundmann

PH.D. Thesis (2012):

Concepts for the Analysis of Very Small Samples and Fast Capillary Electrophoresis Coupled to Mass Spectrometry

Katrin Uhlmann

(November 2008 - July 2011):

Peter Palatzky

M.SC. Thesis (2009):

Voltrammetric Measurement Techniques for Ultramicroelectrode Studies and Applications in Scanning Electrochemical Microscopy

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