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Software Offer

Our computer centre gives needful advice to help you choose, buy, install, update, and de-install software.
We provide various Linux and Windows operating systems, installation and update services as well as accessories and application software.

Providing Software

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We provide various software packages that are specially adapted and easy to use for your daily work. They are compatible with our various IT services such as network drives, printing services, network services, virus protection, GroupWare, etc.
You will also find a large offer of free or licensable application software (via the software purchasing department) - from office products to multimedia- and image processing and software for academic applications in the Softwarekatalog.

Software Buying Department

If university and UKR staff members need programmes that require a license, our software purchasing department helps by choosing and obtaining them.
Various programmes are available for students in the framework of special distribution programmes. You will find more information and instructions here (in German).


Help & Support


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Room RZ 0.02

Opening hours

Mo-Th: 8.00 - 17.00

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