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Virus Scanner

Sophos virus scanner of the University of Regensburg

We recommend installing a virus scanner with an active auto-update function on each computer. Our computer centre offers Sophos Endpoint Protection.


Computers used for business purposes

Sophos Endpoint Protection must be installed on work computers.

Sophos Endpoint Protection is already installed on computers that were preinstalled by the computer centre, on computers that were installed with our installation service, on all loan devices and computers in our computer rooms.

The following installation variant is available for subsequent installation or reinstallation on a device without virus protection:

Download the installation file from the software catalog.

Sophos can be installed on Windows and MacOS systems.

The configuration of the virus scanner under Windows is specified by the central computer centre Sophos server. The following document provides an explanation of the standard computer centre configuration with a brief description of the most important functions: Sophos_Konfiguration-en.pdf

Separate installers have been created for certain facilities (UKR, UR administration) where the configuration deviates from the standard. In these facilities, the computers and thus also the Sophos installation are managed by the local IT department.

You can use Sophos Home Premium on privately used computers.

Installation of several virus scanners

Never install multiple virus scanners at the same time - this can crash your system.

Many computers are delivered with limited virus scanner licenses, e.g. with a 30-day trial version. After this period you are free to purchase a license for this product or to use another product. You can then install Sophos, for example. However, always uninstall other virus scanners before installing Sophos and always restart the system if the installation routines so request.

How can I see if Sophos Anti-Virus is installed?

Under Windows, you will see a blue bordered white sign with a blue S in the system tray (in the task bar near the time display).


With MacOS you can find the Sophos icon in the Finder bar.

Updating the virus scanner

Only a virus scanner that is really kept up-to-date can protect you effectively against viruses. We therefore try to keep the virus scanner engine and virus patterns as up-to-date as possible. With every change (of the pattern or the engine) you will see that Sophos updates itself automatically. The computer centre operates its own Sophos server for this purpose, which keeps all computers with Sophos Endpoint Protection installed up to date.


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