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Doctoral & Postdoctoral Researchers

One of the key aims of DIMAS is to promote early career researchers.

DIMAS includes two postdoctoral positions to early career researchers working across disciplines and regions, while connecting some of the research foci of the DIMAS professorships and expanding the scope of area studies in Regensburg.

Each of the DIMAS professorships also employs further doctoral and/or postdoctoral researchers while also securing positions through external funding.

The early career researchers associated with the broader DIMAS membership are also part of the Department.

DIMAS also encourages other doctoral and postdoctoral members of UR and the Leibniz Institute for East and Southeast European Studies (IOS) to become involved in the Department's activities, including the lunchtime postdoctoral and doctoral sessions. Follow this link to find out more.

Current DIMAS Postdoctoral Researchers

Doctoral & Postdoctoral Researchers with the six DIMAS Professorships

The full list of professorships and chairs that are part of DIMAS can be found here. All doctoral and postdoctoral researchers associated with them are in accordance with the Department's statute also members of DIMAS.


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