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General procedure

General procedure
Any psychotherapeutic treatment is strictly confidential. Outpatient psychotherapy involves the probatory phase and the therapy phase. One session in either phase usually lasts 50 min. Sessions are usually scheduled once a week.
During the probatory phase, client and therapist get to know each other to make sure that the therapeutic relationship works for both. The therapist also has to determine whether the problem can be treated with cognitive behavioral therapy. In this phase, the therapist also assesses diagnostic information and collects biographic information.
If after the probatory phase client and therapist decide to take up therapy, they file an application to the client’s insurance company to cover the costs of the therapy. It usually takes 3 to 6 weeks for the insurance company to process the application. Once insurance coverage has been confirmed, the actual psychotherapy sessions start.
The exact procedure depends on which kind of insurance the client has, private or state.
State insurance
State insurance companies are obliged to cover the costs of the probatory phase. A maximum of five probatory sessions and one additional session for the biographic anamnesis can be conducted. . In course of short-term behavioral therapy, it is possible to conduct up to 25 sessions during the therapy phase. Long-term behavioral therapy involves 45 sessions. Whether short- or long-term therapy is required is decided during the probatory phase. An application for additional therapy sessions can be filed if necessary after completing the initial 25 or 45 sessions. The costs for the psychotherapy sessions are fully covered by the state insurances.

Private insurance
While the outpatient psychotherapy procedure is the same for all state insurance companies, the procedures of private insurance companies can be different. Clients with private insurance should request information regarding the coverage of psychotherapy and the relevant procedures before the probatory phase. The following issues should be clarified:

  • Is outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy at the University Outpatient Psychotherapy Clinic accepted by the insurance company?
  • Can outpatient cognitive behavioral therapy be conducted by a psychological psychotherapist?
  • Does the cognitive-behavioral therapist have to be licensed (as a psychological psychotherapist), or does the insurance company accept that psychotherapists in training conduct the psychotherapy?
  • Is it necessary for the psychotherapist to be included in the “Arztregister” in addition to the license requirement?
  • Does the insurance company cover the cost of the probatory sessions?
  • How many therapy sessions does the insurance company cover after completion of the probatory phase?
  • Should an application for psychotherapy be filed upon completion of the probatory sessions, or before?
  • Does the insurance company cover the fees in full or in part?

Should you have any questions regarding insurance coverage, we are ready to help you.
Paying yourself
The initial procedure is the same as for all other clients: the necessity for psychotherapy is determined and an individual therapy plan is prepared. The payment should be provided upon invoice in accordance with the schedule of fees for psychotherapeutic services (GOP), no application is required. The first 30 minute session is free.

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