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Philipp Hartl, M.Sc.

Research Associate

Phone:+49 941 943-68570
Email: philipp.hartl@ur.de

Room BA.512
Bajuwarenstraße 4
93053 Regensburg


Philipp Hartl is a research associate at the Chair of Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification since July 2023. Previously, he worked as a software engineer at the 'Anstalt für Kommunale Datenverarbeitung Bayern' as well as the 'Nexis GmbH' in Regensburg. He holds a Master of Science in Media Informatics as well as a Bachelor of Arts in Media Informatics and Information Science. During his studies, he interned at Nexis GmbH in the area of Software Development and was active as a student teaching assistant at the University of Regensburg. During his free time, he also sporadically engages in open source development.


  • Human-Computer Interaction
  • Natural Language Processing
  • Digital Humanities


Hartl, P., & Kruschwitz, U. (2022, June). Applying Automatic Text Summarization for Fake News Detection. In Proceedings of the Thirteenth Language Resources and Evaluation Conference (pp. 2702-2713).

Hartl, P., & Kruschwitz, U. (2021). University of Regensburg at CheckThat! 2021: Exploring Text Summarization for Fake News Detection. CLEF (Working Notes), 2936, 508-519.

Schmidt, T., Hartl, P., Ramsauer, D., Fischer, T., Hilzenthaler, A. & Wolff, C. (2020). Acquisition and Analysis of a Meme Corpus to Investigate Web Culture. In Digital Humanities Conference 2020 (DH 2020). Virtual Conference.

Hartl, P., Fischer, T., Hilzenthaler, A., Kocur, M. & Schmidt, T., (2019). AudienceAR - Utilising Augmented Reality and Emotion Tracking to Address Fear of Speech. In: Alt, F., Bulling, A. & Döring, T. (Hrsg.), Mensch und Computer 2019 - Tagungsband. New York: ACM. DOI: 10.1145/3340764.3345380

  1. Faculty of Informatics and Data Science

Chair of Machine Learning and Uncertainty Quantification


+49 941 943-68508