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Chair for Information Systems II

The Chair for Information Systems II develops scientific concepts, techniques and software prototypes that facilitate the profound, design-oriented solutions of practical problems with a focus on financial service providers. In that sense, a perfect link between theoretical research and its practical application in cooperation with industry partners is established. This allows students not only to obtain sound theoretical knowledge and get acquainted with the relevant techniques, but also to see their practical application in the industry.


Dr. Alexander Schiller and Marcus Hopf presented their successful research work on the Chair for Information Systems II at 30th European Conference on Information Systems in Timisoara, Romania (ECIS2022). The article „Long-Term Sequential and Temporal Dynamics in Online Consumer Ratings“ was authored by Prof. Dr. Bernd Heinrich, Marcus Hopf, Theresa Hollnberger and Dr. Alexander Schiller at University of Regensburg. The presentation was followed by an active and fruitful interchange with the international expert audience.

  2. Informatics and Data Science

Chair for Information Systems II

Prof. Dr. Bernd Heinrich



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