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Welcome to the chair of Information Systems III

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The specific focus of our research and teaching lies on Business Engineering. The methods and techniques of Business Engineering support the enterprises in implementing change processes and enable the design of strategy, organisation (specifically the organisation of business processes) and systems. It is the aim to enable enterprises to meet/respond to the challenges of the information society proactively, too.

This course of studies is geared to students who want to participate in shaping the changes occurring in business environments by analysing and developing efficient information and communication systems. It is our chief aim to deliver comprehensive skills in the methods and techniques as well as in the application of the latters to the students of Business Engineering.

Our current research topics and cooperative projects with partner companies are (the)

  • Quality Management for Financial Service Providers
  • Modelling of Business Processes in several organistions such as the energy sector and the public administration
  • Design and Modelling of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA) as well as
  • Company-specific Construction of Methods

  2. Informatics and Data Science

Chair of Information Systems III

Prof. Dr. Susanne Leist 

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Tel. 0941 943-3201

Fax  0941 943-81-3201

E-Mail sekretariat.leist@ur.de