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Chair of Information Systems III

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A central task of Business Economics is the analysis and the design of highly efficient information and communication systems in both business and administration/public services. Methods and techniques supporting both analysis and design are constantly gaining in importance in view of the permanent change of business environments. In this context, Business Engineering takes different perspectives such as for instance the evaluation of operative processes, the static description of information structures (by way of data and object models), the representation of the relevant aspects of corporate strategies or the description of the architecture of information systems. At the same time, Business Engineering ensures the consistent development of interdependent views.

Efficient information and communication systems have strategic importance because of the specific characteristics of financial services (e.g. the immaterial quality, the need of explanation). As for that, financial services as well as financial service providers are not only an interesting field of application for Business Engineering, but Business Engineering itself is becoming more and more important for financial service companies, since it supports the analysis and the design of (their) information and communication systems.

The (further) development of the methods in Business Engineering, for financial services in particular, is the chair’s central research objective; research in this context concentrates on

  • Process Management
  • Quality Assurance with specific emphasis on the application of Six Sigma at Financial Service Providers
  • Information System Architectures, in particular the design and modeling of Service Oriented Architectures (SOA)   
  • Development and Construction of Methods (Method Engineering)

  2. Informatics and Data Science

Chair of Information Systems III

Prof. Dr. Susanne Leist 

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