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Prof. Dr. Jakob Leimgruber

Office hours

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Office: PT 3.2.65

Research interests

World Englishes, especially (East and Southeast) Asia


Language planning and policy

Linguistic landscapes

Language contact phenomena

Language variation and change

Indexicality and authenticity


Since 2022: Professor (W3) of English Linguistics, University of Regensburg (DE)

2020–2022: Substitute Professor, University of Freiburg (DE)

2018–2022: Lecturer, English Department, University of Basel (CH)

2018: Habilitation in English Philology, University of Freiburg (DE)

2013–2015: Marie Curie Fellow, McGill University (CA) and University of Freiburg (DE)

2010–2018: Post-doc (Akademischer Rat a.Z. A13), University of Freiburg (DE)

2008–2009: Lecturer in Sociolinguistics, Bangor University (UK)

2009: DPhil in English Language, University of Oxford (UK)

2007: Visiting Lecturer, University of Westminster (UK)

2005: Licence ès lettres in English Linguistics, University of Fribourg (CH)


All publications can be found on https://www.zotero.org/jakobleimgruber/cv

  1. Faculty of Languages, Literature, and Cultures
  2. Department of English and American Studies

English Linguistics

Prof. Dr. Jakob Leimgruber

Prof. Dr. Jakob Leimgruber

Room PT 3.2.65