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Prof. Dr. Alexander Hellgardt, LL.M. (Harvard)

Welcome to the web pages of the Chair of Private Law, Corporate Law and Jurisprudence.

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The chair conducts research and teaches in the field of private law, corporate and financial market law and jurisprudence.


Regulation Research Conference 2022

On April 5 and 6, 2022, Prof. Hellgardt's chair hosted the first Regulation Research Conference as part of the "Regulatory Instruments in the Real World" research program. Under the title "Squaring the Circle: Empirical Scholarship that is Sound and Relevant at the Same Time", Prof. Christoph Engel from the Bonn MPI delivered a keynote address that summed up the theme of the conference. In addition, professors and junior scholars presented recent empirical and experimental papers, all dealing with the effectiveness of regulatory instruments. The focus was on issues related to the capital market (insider law and disclosure requirements) on the one hand, and traffic (such as speed controls) on the other. At the end of the conference, a coherent overall picture emerged, which at the same time indicates the direction in which the empirical research conducted at the Chair is to be further developed.

1 Million Euros from the Volkswagen Foundation

Prof. Hellgardt has been awarded funds in the amount of 1 Million Euros by the Volkswagen Foundation. The funds are granted for a research program entitled „Regulatory Instruments in the Real World", which strives to empirically analyse and compare the steering effect of different legal instruments. For more information see here.


Prof. Dr. Alexander Hellgardt, LL.M. (Harvard)

Chair of Private Law, Corporate Law and Jurisprudence


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