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UR Library Services

What is the UR Library Services product family?

The three major digital services Database Information System (DBIS), Electronic Journals Library (EZB) and Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (RVK) are a mainstay of German and international information infrastructure. The three services have been operated by the University Library of Regensburg together with its communities for decades. In 2022, the services united to form the UR Library Services product family. UR library services is the focal idea that will shape the development of DBIS, EZB and RVK for the next years and decades. The idea of community is the core idea of the product family. What all three services have in common is that they are jointly operated by hundreds of libraries and only live through these large communities: URL Services - You are Library Services.

The product family manifests itself on several levels:

  • common visual identity through common design
  • synergies on a technical level, e.g. in perspective through joint user and institutional user management
  • standardization, e.g. by coordinating the specialist fields
  • adaptations in the administrative area, e.g. when drafting contracts

In addition to the use of synergy effects and mutual creative stimulation, this long-term strategy is primarily aimed at increasing the spread, use and networking of the services.

Besides the internal networking, the product family will increasingly network externally. Close cooperation already exists with library networks, local systems, further library services (such as GND) and ERM-systems (such as LAS:eR). The product family also cooperates within the framework of the AG Systemlandschaft E-Ressourcen, the DFG-funded project openCost and the DFG-funded DBIS project.

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us: ur-library@ur.de

The new logo family

Logo UR Library Services

The University Library of Regensburg has developed new logos for the UR Library Services. The connected circles express the close networking and common identity of the different services without negating their autonomy. The chain-linking image stands for the dynamic development which also implies that the family can be expanded to include further products and circles. And finally, the colored circular structures echo the EZB traffic lights as well as the signature feature of the University of Regensburg, the sphere on campus.

The services of the product family: DBIS, EZB, RVK

Logo Database Information System

Cooperative management of scholarly databases

  • structured and user-oriented access to databases in a wide range of subject areas

  • information on 14,000 academic databases, including 6,000 freely accessible ones
  • easy license management
  • quality assurance and up-to-dateness through cooperative data maintenance

  • uniform access to fee-based and free databases in one user interface

  • simple administration of the institution's own DBIS view
  • individual design through own collections and local access types                       

More than 350 institutions chose DBIS: https://dbis.ur.de (currently only in German,

Project page for ongoing DFG project in English: https://dbis.ur.de/projekt/en/)

Logo Electronic Journals Library

Cooperative management of electronic journals

  • information on more than 110,000 e-journals in all subject areas,
    including 74,000 freely available titles 
  • convenient administration of institution-specific licenses and central
    management of journal packages and collections
  • high quality and topicality of EZB data through cooperative collaboration
  • uniform access to e-journals and their full texts via institution-specific and barrier-free user interface
  • traffic light icons visualize accessibility in participating institutions
  • institution-specific availability check via EZB Linking Service
  • various nationwide services for academic literature and information supply

More than 650 institutions chose EZB: https://ezb.ur.de

Logo Regensburger Verbundklassifikation

Cooperative system for knowledge indexing

  • classification for systematic indexing of holdings in academic libraries and institutions
  • suitable for subject indexing and listing, for institutions of any size, for open access and stacks holdings
  • academic topicality through cooperative further development
  • convenient search in RVK-Online
  • integration of all information in the RVK web portal and knowledge management in MediaWiki
  • networked with regional and nationwide library catalogs and services, e.g. GND
  • largest classification network in the German-speaking world

More than 130 institutions chose RVK: https://rvk.ur.de  
Contact us: info.rvk@ur.de

Logo Download

Logo DBIS Logo EZB RVK Logo
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Logo DBIS Logo EZB Logo RVK
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All logos are licensed under Creative Commons Zero 1.0 (CC0 1.0)
DBIS logos are also available on request in white and in grayscale (info.dbis@ur.de)

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