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Do you know our services for libraries?

Do you have questions? Feel free to contact us: ur-library@ur.de

Logo Database Information System

Cooperative management of scholarly databases

  • structured and user-oriented access to databases in a wide range of subject areas

  • information on 14,000 academic databases, including 6,000 freely accessible ones
  • easy license management
  • quality assurance and up-to-dateness through cooperative data maintenance

  • uniform access to fee-based and free databases in one user interface

  • simple administration of the institution's own DBIS view
  • individual design through own collections and local access types                       

More than 350 institutions chose DBIS: https://dbis.ur.de (currently only in German,

Project page for ongoing DFG project in English: https://dbis.ur.de/projekt/en/)

Logo Electronic Journals Library

Cooperative management of electronic journals

  • information on more than 110,000 e-journals in all subject areas,
    including 74,000 freely available titles 
  • convenient administration of institution-specific licenses and central
    management of journal packages and collections
  • high quality and topicality of EZB data through cooperative collaboration
  • uniform access to e-journals and their full texts via institution-specific and barrier-free user interface
  • traffic light icons visualize accessibility in participating institutions
  • institution-specific availability check via EZB Linking Service
  • various nationwide services for academic literature and information supply

More than 650 institutions chose EZB: https://ezb.ur.de

Logo Regensburger Verbundklassifikation

Cooperative system for knowledge indexing

  • classification for systematic indexing of holdings in academic libraries and


  • suitable for subject indexing and listing, for institutions of any size, for open access and stacks holdings
  • academic topicality through cooperative further development
  • convenient search in RVK-Online
  • academic topicality through cooperative further development
  • integration of all information in the RVK web portal and knowledge
    management in MediaWiki
  • networked with regional and nationwide library catalogs and
    services, e.g. GND 
  • largest classification network in the German-speaking world
More than 130 institutions chose RVK: https://rvk.ur.de  
Contact us: info.rvk@ur.de

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