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Central and Departmental Libraries

The academic subjects represented at the University Library of Regensburg are each assigned their own library, in which the corresponding book and media holdings are openly accessible. The individual Subject Reading Rooms are located in the immediate vicinity of the other spatial facilities of the respective department. Some of the holdings are housed in large shared reading rooms.

Important telephone numbers in the Central Library and the reading rooms.


Faculties of Philosophy and Theology PT

Reading Room Philosophicum 1 Reading Room Philosophicum 2
18 Schoolbook Collection
60 General and Comparative
Literary Studies
61 General and Comparative
63 Classical Philology
64 German Studies
65 English Studies, American Studies
66 Romance Studies
67 Slav(on)ic Studies
68 Bohemicum
69 Media Studies


50 History
51 Political Science
52 Sociology
54 Comparative Cultural Studies
62 Archaeology
70 Philosophy
71 Psychology
72 Pedagogy
73 Musicology
74 Art History
75 Catholic Theology
77 History of Science
78 Protestant Theology

55  Reclam books (passage between Philosophicum 1 and 2)

Sports center

99: Sports reading room

Informatics and Data Science

Informatics and Data Science

14: Departmental library Informatics and Data Science

Law and Economics

Law and Economics - RW (S)

40: Departmental library Economics

31: Departmental library Law 1

31: Departmental library Law 2 in the multi-purpose building

Natural Sciences and Medicine

Biology and Pre-clinical Medicine - BIOL

88: Departmental library Biology and Pre-clinical Medicine

Chemistry and Pharmacy - CHEM

86: Departmental library Chemistry and Pharmacy

Mathematics and Physics - MATH, PHYS

80: Departmental library Mathematics

84: Departmental library Physics and

82: General natural sciences

Clinical Center - KL

91: Departmental library Medicine

Central Library

Central Library - ZB

10: Bibliography

11: General Reading Room

  • interdisciplinary reference works

11/R: Geography

13: Handwriting and manuscripts

14: Informatics and Data Science

15: Interdisciplinary journals

15: Parliamentaria and academic writings

17: Textbook Collection

Contact persons for the holdings of the Central Library:

Subject librarian

Dr. Stefanie Aufschnaiter
Phone: 0941 943-3437

Departmental librarian

Elvira Ganske
Phone: 0941 943-3910

Departmental librarian Lea Obermeier
Phone: 0941 943-3958
Departmental librarian

Sarah Wagner
Phone: 0941 943-3937

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