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Subject librarian

Gabriele Gerber

Gabriele Gerber

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.06
Phone 0941 943-3436, -1608
E-Mail: gabriele.gerber@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Kathrin Speich

Philosophy/Theology, Room 2.2.13

Phone 0941 943-3678, -69396

E-Mail: kathrin.speich@ur.de


Site plans of the Subject Reading Rooms

Symbolbild LagepläneSite plans of the 13 Subject Reading Rooms

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Philosophicum 2 Gallery

Map Philosophicum 2 Gallery (PDF)

Finding Literature and Media

Important Local Identifiers

Local identifier Location
Shelfmark starting with  
72 Pedagogy in the reading room Philosophicum 2
00 Central holdings in the Central Library
17 Textbook collection in the Central Library
18 Schoolbook Collection in the reading room
Philosophicum 1
6001 CD-ROMs available from the supervisory staff
of Philosophicum 2
710 Tests (information only in German)
717 Tests (information only in German)
718 The school pedagogical studio (Room PT 2.0.6)
727 Learning workshop primary school pedagogy 
(Room PT 2.0.10)
729 Reference books Prof. Munser-Kiefer
e-mail: handapparat.munser-kiefer@ur.de
and further local identifiers (only in German)

D systematics for Pedagogy: how the literature is organized

In the reading room Pedagogy (as in all other reading rooms of the University Library of Regensburg including the Textbook Collection) the books are arranged systematically according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a specific topic are placed next to each other. By "browsing" through the shelves you can get an overview of the holdings on a specific topic in the reference section.

Section Description
DA Journals
DB Bibliographies, Reference Works, Collections
DD History of Pedagogy and Education
DF Systematic Pedagogy
DG Special issues of Education
DH Gender aspects of Education
DI Education policy, Cultural policy
DK School pedagogy
DL Vocational training, vocational school
DM University, College, research and science
DN Teachers and teacher training
DO Special questions of the entire school system
DP Didactics and methodology of teaching
DQ Curricula
DR Educational law
DS Social pedagogy, social work
DT Curative education, Special needs education
DU Educational Sociology
DV Comparative Education
DW Adult and Youth Education
DX Youth Literature
DY Schoolbooks and learning programs
DZ Education novel, development novel, school stories

Acquisition request

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Feel free to send us your acquisition request.
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Subject-specific weblinks for Pedagogy

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