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Document delivery: Inter-library loans

What is inter-library loan and what can I order?

The Regensburg University Library procures literature not available in Regensburg libraries from libraries in Germany and abroad.

You can order books and copies from books and scientific journals.

Excluded from inter-library loan orders are the following:

  • works available in Regensburg
  • inexpensive works (up to 15 €), which can be obtained in bookshops
  • works of particular value (especially from the 16th and 17th centuries)

How do I order via inter-library loan?

  1. Search the local Regensburg catalog plus.
  2. If you don't get any hits or not the desired hit in the tab "Regensburg Catalog", you can find media from academic libraries in Bavaria and Berlin-Brandenburg under the third tab "Bavarian Library Union". Once you have found the book or journal you are looking for, you can place an inter-library loan order via the "Services" tab.
  3. You have to be logged in for an inter-library loan order.
  4. When ordering copies, the lines Chair/Faculty ("Lehrstuhl/Fakultät") and Cost Centre of chair members (Kostenstelle von Lehrstuhlangehörigen"; user number: 0690...) have to be filled in, if the costs are covered by the chair. Otherwise, it is recommended to enter self-pay ("Selbstzahler") at this point. Students and external users leave these fields blank, as they always pay for their own copies.

An online inter-library loan in the Bavarian Library Union is also possible via Gateway Bayern .

Special case: No matching hit in the entire Regensburg catalogue plus, or the book cannot be found in Regensburg.
In this case, click on "Information" in the blue menu bar and select "Interlibrary Loan". After another click on "Interlibrary Loan Order" you have to choose between: 

  • Inter-library loan order: book
  • Inter-library loan order: copy from a book
  • Inter-library loan order: copy from a journal

Now you have to enter all the necessary information on the desired title into the form.

If applicable: Please indicate that the Regensburg copy cannot be found or is missing or that the online edition is currently not accessible.

Are e-books or e-journals available via inter-library loan?

E-books and e-journals are in some cases available for inter-library loan (in accordance with the license agreements between the lending libraries and the publishers).

You can only use e-books via inter-library loan if your e-mail address is registered in your user account. If an e-book is made available to you via inter-library loan, you will receive an e-mail with a link to the e-book which is valid for two weeks.

If you order the printed edition of a book, it may happen that the order is redirected to the electronic edition of the book. In this case you will receive a link that leads you to the e-book. The reverse case is also possible: instead of an e-book you will receive a printed copy via inter-library loan.

If you order copies from e-books or an essay from an e-journal, you will receive a fee-based paper printout.

If an e-book or an e-journal is not available for inter-library loan, use the printed copy of the book or journal for inter-library loan.

What are the costs for inter-library loans?

Inter-library loan of books within the German lending system is usually free of charge.

There is also currently no nominal charge for copies.

Charges may apply for special collections and for copies of 100 pages or more.

International Loans (ILL) may be subject to high fees, depending on the supplying library and shipping costs. These fee-based orders will only be carried out after consultation with you.

Where do I collect and return inter-library loans?

At the Loans section in the Central Library (opening hours).

Each inter-library loan medium is accompanied by a yellow paper strip which shows the deadline. Please note: It is essential to keep this strip in the medium and return it together.

How will I be notified?

In any case, please provide us with your e-mail address (user details in your library account) before placing an inter-library loan order!

Please allow at least seven days for processing. As soon as we receive the ordered books or journal articles, you will be notified by e-mail if you have entered an e-mail address in your library account.

You will also receive an e-mail if there are still questions regarding your order or if the inter-library loan order is unsuccessful.

You can check the status of your orders at any time. Either in your user account of the Regensburger Katalog plus or from the signing team:

How long can I keep an inter-library loan?

Usually for four weeks plus one renewal (loan periods are determined by the supplying library).
The loan period is noted on the enclosed (yellow) inter-library loan confirmation and in your library account.

Each renewal takes place under reserve which means that the lending library can reclaim the book earlier.

Essay copies may be kept.

Other usage restrictions (e.g. reading room use, reproduction ban) are also set by the supplying library.

Who are my contact persons for inter-library loans?

Contact persons for library users

Department Contact person Contact information
0941 943-

Inter-library loan desk/

department for incoming

inter-library loans

Martin Beckstein

Wolfgang Daschner

Inge Medlhammer

Alexandra Schaller






Signing team (=processing your

inter-library loan request)

Beate Lerch (head)

Brigitte Roth

Elisabeth Sandner





Contact persons for libraries

Department Contact person Contact information
0941 943-
Department for outgoing inter-library loans Petra Gürster
Juliana Kupfer



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