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Self checkout

At the self-check-out you can check out textbooks with shelfmarks starting with 17/ and language textbooks with shelfmarks starting 1710/ at the check-out machine.

All returns must still be processed at the lending station.

You can check out books yourself at the check-out machine in the textbook collection (and in the reading room Medicine). You will need your user card, which you place under the scanner. You are then guided by the system.

Hand legt Studentenausweis auf Selbstverbuchungsgerät

Place your user card under the scanner.

Bildschirm im Selbstverbuchungsgerät zum Kontoaufbau

Your user account will be recognised and you will now be guided via the screen. You can switch to English instructions at the bottom of the screen.

Ein Buch wird in Selbstverbuchung gescannt

Place the media on the checkout area to borrow them.

Batch check-out is possible, which means that you can place up to five books on the scanner at the same time, depending on the size of the books. Please make sure that all the books you intend to borrow are displayed correctly on the screen in green letters.

Drei Bücher auf Selbstverbuchungsgerät

We recommend that no more than three titles are scanned simultaneously.

With the button "User account" you can view and print your account data.

Selbstverbuchung Bildschirm

Please do not forget to log out afterwards!

Selbstverbuchung Bildschirm Quittungsdruck

You can now choose whether a receipt should be printed.

If there are any error messages or if titles are displayed in red, please contact the person at the circulation desk next to the entrance. The same applies if the gates light up red when you leave the textbook collection.

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