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International inter-library loans for libraries

Information for libraries

We are happy to lend or make copies of parts of our holdings to foreign libraries.
Please order directly via the (Bavarian) inter-library loan system

Help pages: https://fl.bib-bvb.de/IIL.html?action=language&language=0&action_save=

Please send an e-mail to sig.ub@ur.de to get a password.

Preferred method of payment: IFLA voucher (average cost: 1 to 3 vouchers).

On demand, we also produce digital copies of complete copyright-free works (costs upon request).


Universitätsbibliothek Regensburg


Universitätsstrasse 31

D-93053 Regensburg

E-Mail: sig.ub@bibliothek.uni-regensburg.de

Telefon: +49 941 943-3936 (international), 0941 943-3936 (national)

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