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Using media via VPN access

In order to be able to access media from home where the note "Full text available via campus licence of the University of Regensburg" is displayed, you can log into the University's network via a VPN access.

This is possible in two ways:


Via Web-VPN you have access to services of the University of Regensburg that are restricted "for the campus", e.g. the Regensburg Catalogue. All you need is your RZ-Account. An installation on your device is not necessary. Via "Quick Connect" you also have the possibility to access user-defined websites via VPN tunnel.

  • Open Web-VPN (with any browser except Internet Explorer)
  • Enter your user name (e.g. vip12345) and password
  • Click the "Login" button

FortiClient 6

If you generally require encrypted network access via the university, you can set up VPN access with the help of a client software. To do so, first select your operating system and download the desired software under the following link and log in with your RZ/CC account.

Forti Client 6 (German page of the Computer Centre, with the download links for the respective operating systems at the bottom)

Afterwards install the program with the help of the installation client.

For the library services, connect to either "VPN UR home" or "VPN UR public".
The login screen will then appear. You can log in to the university network with your user name (e.g. vip12345) and password.

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See also the computer centre's website on the topic:

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