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Course Reserves

Course reserves are compilations of recommended literature for a course (seminar, exercise), that is frequently required by all participants. Therefore, this literature will be placed in the reading room or lecturer's office for one semester.

Items from course reserves are accessible but cannot be borrowed. You can scan short sections of the works free of charge. Course reserves are usually located on a shelf at the beginning of a subject and labeled with the lecturer's name.

In the Regensburg catalogue plus you can identify those items by the Branch / Department Course Reserve Collection / Sem.App.

Setting up course reserves

Professors and research assistants can set up course reserves.
To do so, they can obtain a "course reserve ID" from the library card office (e-mail: ausweis.ub@ur.de). With this special library card, books from the stacks can be ordered and borrowed. Books from the reading room are booked onto the course reserve by the supervisor. End of the loan period is the end of the current semester.

Inter-library loans, textbooks and media from other Regensburg libraries may not be placed in the course reserve.
For more information, please contact the library's subject librarians.

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