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Informatics and Data Science


For the time being, heise+ articles can be accessed on campus or via VPN until the summer of next year.
This includes the following journals.

Further messages

Study information

Information about the study program and current announcements of the faculty of Informatics and Data Science can be found on the homepage of the faculty.



The literature in the Informatics and Data Science library covers the following subject areas:

  • Computational Science
  • Data Science
  • Digital Business
  • Digital Humanities
  • Digital Law
  • Informatics
  • Information Science
  • Legal Tech
  • Media informatics
  • Business informatics

Physical as well as digital books, journals and databases can be searched via the Regensburger Katalog plus.

Literature on site

Printed books

UR students can borrow max. 5 books for 14 days from the Informatics and Data Science reading room. For external users, weekend borrowing (max. 5 books) is possible again.

Printed journals

The following periodicals can be found in the periodical boxes in the reading room:

  • Chip
  • Communications of the ACM
  • Computerwoche
  • Computing Reviews
  • Dotnetpro
  • i-com
  • Informatik-Spektrum
  • Information Services & Use
  • Information Technology
  • Interactions
  • IT-Administrator
  • Künstliche Intelligenz
  • Linux-Magazin
  • Linux-User
  • Log-In
  • Morals & Machines
  • On - Lernen in der digitalen Welt
  • Website Boosting

Textbook Collection

Textbooks can be found in the Textbook Collection very close to the Computer Science and Data Science Reading Room (Central Library).

You can view the computer science titles in the textbook collection in the catalog.

Digital offers

Access to electronic media licensed by the University Library is possible within the university's data network. From home, access is possible via VPN. For library services you can use the FortiClient.  As an alternative to VPN, some providers also offer the simpler use via Shibboleth.

If you use IPv6 and access to articles on IEEE is blocked, you can either use the 'Institutional Sign In' and enter 'Universitaetsbibliothek Regensburg' or use the web-VPN.


For further informatics databases please search the Database Information System (DBIS).



In the Electronic Journals Library (EZB) you will find an overview of the retrievable e-journals.

These include the following journals:

There is also access to heise+ and the following journals:

  • c't
  • iX
  • MIT Technology Review
  • Mac & i
  • Make

Subject portals


Helpful tools

Further literature offers

Important shelfmark beginnings for Informatics and Data Science

Lokalkennzeichen (Standort) Bezeichnung
00 Central holdings of the Central Library (Magazin)
14 Informatics and Data Science reading room
17 Textbook collection of the Central Library
230 Dissertations
Notation Bezeichnung
ST 250 Programming languages
ST 278 Human-computer interaction
ST 300 Artificial intelligence
ST 252 Web development
ST 205 Internet
ST 270 Databases, information systems
ST 230 Software (Introduction, textbooks, methods of programming), Software engineering
ST 324 Computer games
ST 530

Data mining

For example, if you are looking for books in the reading room that deal with the topic of "artificial intelligence", you can search for 14/ST 300 * in the Regensburg catalog.
You can find a complete list of notations in the RVK.

Acquisition request

Do you need a book or medium that is not yet in the library's collection?

Feel free to send us your acquisition request.

Contact persons


Constantin Lehenmeier

Phone 0941 943-3955

E-mail: constantin.lehenmeier@ur.de

Central Library, Room 6.35

Departmental librarian

Johannes Böhm

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.02

Phone 0941 943-1560

E-mail: johannes.boehm@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Katrin Hildenbrand (currently on leave)

Phone 0941 943-3952

E-mail: katrin.hildenbrand@ur.de

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.10


Reading rooms with subject allocation

Ausschnitt DetaiplanReading rooms with subject allocation (PDF)

Reading Room

Bildausschnitt SkizzeReading Room Informatics and Data Science level 6 and 7 (PDF)

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