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The University Library of Regensburg offers a wide range of literature also in electronic form. These are mostly parallel editions of the printed works.

E-books are usually licensed for the entire campus, so they can be accessed from any computer in the IP area of the University of Regensburg.

For most of them, remote access via VPN client is also possible. 

You can download the FortiClient required for this from the Computer Center's VPN website. Installation options are provided for various operating systems. In order to be able to access e-books remotely, you must select the profile "VPN UR home".

Find e-books

You can find all e-books in the Regensburg Catalog plus.

Tips for e-book research in the Regensburg Catalog plus: 

  • in the hit list, e-books are recognizable by the following icon: E-Book Symbol
  • By restricting the publication type to "e-book", you can search specifically for e-books.
  • However: only titles with the red note: Full text available via campus license of the University of Regensburg are activated for university library users. Licenses of the OTH (red note: Campus license for OTH Regensburg) can only be used via the computer network there.
  • To open an e-book, click on the following button:
    Icon full text
    This button is available in the hit list as well as in the individual display of the Catalog entry.

Advantages of e-books


  • You can use e-books at any time of the day or night.
  • As a rule, several users can access an e-book at the same time. There are no reservations or waiting times. However, depending on the terms of the license, access to some titles may be denied if only one user can access the book at a time. Please try again at a later date or contact the e-books department.


  • Extensive search options, such as full-text search within the entire e-book text, make it easy to navigate within the document.


  • E-books are predominantly offered in PDF format and match the print version of the book, so you can easily cite from it.
  • You can copy text passages directly in the e-book and paste them into your word processor or literature management programme as citations or for further processing of the content.

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