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Sublibrary Mathematics

Due to construction works, the reading room Mathematics will be closed from 08.02.2023 until further notice.

As of 20.02.2023 monographs can be ordered via a form and borrowed for two weeks.
Collection and return are possible via the contact-free lending area.

Book sales

In the mathematics reading room you can purchase selected subject literature within the service hours:

Books up to 200 pages for 1,- €
Books of 200 pages or more for 2,- €

Contact Persons

Subject librarian

Dr. Gernot Deinzer

Dr. Gernot Deinzer

Physics, room 9.2.07 (access via 9.2.06), URwalking
Phone 0941 943-2759
E-Mail: gernot.deinzer@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Cornelia Krellner

Cornelia Krellner

Physics, room 9.2.06, URwalking
Phone 0941 943-2807
E-Mail: cornelia.krellner@ur.de

Library employee

Christa Roßmann

Christa Roßmann

Physics, room 9.2.06, URwalking
Phone 0941 943-2807
E-Mail: christa1.rossmann@ur.de

Short Introduction

Collection profile

The University Library of Regensburg acquires literature on all branches of mathematics. The main focus is on current study and research literature. Textbooks and reference works ( lexica, encyclopaedias, handbooks, language dictionaries) on all sub-disciplines of mathematics represented in the University Library are acquired, as well as literature on research foci at the University and monographs on important individual topics. The conventional literature is increasingly supplemented by electronic media. In the field of mathematics, the University Library now offers access to over 1,300 electronic journals (yellow and green dot in the Electronic Journals Library EZB) and various literature databases in the field of mathematics.

Within the scope of its financial possibilities, the University Library of Regensburg always tries to acquire the literature you need. Please inform us about your acquisition suggestions.

Locations for Mathematics Literature

  • The reference collection on mathematics is mainly located in the mathematics sublibrary. There the current stock of scientific literature for study and research as well as the current journals is kept available. The holdings are freely accessible and intended for use in the reading room (reference use).
  • Older or less frequently used literature and works requiring special protection are stored in the central holdings (Magazin) and must be ordered for borrowing via the Regensburger Catalogue plus.
  • Textbooks: Literature that is of fundamental importance for study and is needed for lectures or seminars, for example, is usually placed in the reading room at the beginning of the corresponding sub-discipline of the systematic. In the textbook collection of the Central Library these textbooks are also available in larger numbers. The books in the textbook collection can be borrowed for 4 weeks. Please inform us if important textbooks are not available or not available in sufficient quantities.


Finding Literature and Media

Acquisition Suggestions

Subsections of the Sublibrary Mathematics

In the reading room Mathematics (as in all other reading rooms of the Regensburg University Library including the textbook collection) the books are arranged systematically according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a certain topic are placed next to each other. You can get an overview of the existing holdings by "browsing" the shelves.

Subject section Description
SA Reference works and journals
SB Mathematics General
SC Encyclopaedias and manuals
SD Congress reports
SE Commemorative publications/Festschriften
SF 1000 - SF 9000    Collected works
SG Biographies, history and philosophy of mathematics
SH Tables and formula collections
SI Series
SK Monographs
SM Didactics of Mathematics, Schoolbooks
SN Popular Mathematics, Entertainment Mathematics, Mathematical Games, Chess
SP Offprints

Important shelfmark beginnings for Mathematicians

Local identifier Locations
00 Central holdings of the Central Library (Magazin)
17 Textbook collection of the Central Library
23/SA-SP Dissertations in the field of mathematics (in the central holdings)
235/SA-SP Final Theses from the field of mathematics (in the central holdings)
23/U Dissertations in the field of physics (in the central holdings)
235/U Theses from the field of physics (in the central holdings)
80 Mathematics
8001 CD-ROM and floppy disks in the reading room Mathematics (availabale at the supervision desk)
82 General natural science (in the physics reading room), monographs on computer science, journals on general natural science
84 Physics
8401 CD-ROM and floppy disks in the physics reading room (availabale at the supervision desk)


Here you will find a list of selected e-books. Please note that these are not all e-books in the field of mathematics. All e-books can be researched in the Regensburg Catalogue plus.



Subject-specific weblinks for Mathematicians


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