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German Studies

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Subject librarian

Dr. Renate Achenbach

Dr. Renate Achenbach

Philosophy/Theology, Room 2.2.14
Phone 0941 943-3679
E-mail: renate.achenbach@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Beatrice Iturralde Bluhme

Philosophy/Theology, Room 2.2.15
Phone 0941 943-3680
E-mail: Beatrice.Iturralde-Bluhme@ur.de


Paul Raabe Archive opened in the Oldenburg State Library



Site plans of the sublibraries

Lageplaene-bibliothekSite plans of the 13 sublibraries

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Philosophicum 1 Lower Level

Map Philosophicum 1 Lower Level PDF

Find subject-specific information

  • Regensburg catalogue plus

In the Regensburg Catalogue plus you will find about 3.9 million media from the following institutions: University of Regensburg, University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, WIOS, State Library Regensburg, Art Forum East German Gallery, Municipal Museum, Archive of the City of Regensburg, Episcopal Central Library Regensburg, Fürst Thurn und Taxis Court Library and Archive, Bavarian Music Academy Schloss Alteglofsheim, City Museum Abensberg Herzogskasten

Short overview

The University Library of Regensburg acquires literature in all sub-areas of German Studies (Older German Philology, German Linguistics, Modern German Literature, German as a Foreign Language Philology) as well as in the didactics of German language and literature with a focus on the respective current study and research literature. In the above-mentioned sub-disciplines of German Studies, not only reference works (encyclopaedias, encyclopaedias, handbooks, language dictionaries), literature on didactics, monographs on important individual topics or primary and secondary literature on German-speaking authors are purchased, but also literature on the research foci and projects of the Institute of German Studies.

In the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation (our constellation classification), German Studies falls into Section "G", which also includes Dutch Studies (with Afrikaans) and Scandinavian Studies. Although these subjects are not currently taught at the University of Regensburg, the library nonetheless possesses a basic stock of literature (mostly stored in the central holdings/Magazin) from the subjects mentioned above.

Within the framework of the financial possibilities of the University Library of Regensburg, your satisfaction with the literature equipment is our highest goal. Therefore please send us your acquisition suggestions.

Divisions of the German Studies Sublibrary

In the reading room German Studies (as in all other reading rooms of the Regensburg University Library including the textbook collection) the books are arranged systematically according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a particular topic are placed next to each other. You can get an overview of the existing stocks by "browsing" on the shelf.

Division Description
GA 1000 - GA 9999 Periodicals and serials
GB 1025 - GB 1950 German Studies. General information
GB 2025 - GB 2905 History and biography of the subject
GB 2910 - GB 3008 German lessons
GB 3010 - GB 3062 German as a foreign language
GB 3065 - GB 3400 German Studies of Manuscripts
GB 3455 - GB 3879 German Archaeology
GB 4025 - GB 6660 Germanic languages. comparative German studies
GC German language
GD Dialectology, Dialects, Special languages, Names
GE 1905 - GE 2800 Germanic Literatures
GE 3003 - GT 1500 German literature
GU 10000 - GU 79700   Dutch language and literature
GV 1000 - GV 3000 Afrikaans: Language and literature
GV 4001 - GV 9001 Frisian language and literature
GW - GZ Scandinavian Studies

Locations of the German Studies Literature

  • The reference holdings on German Studies are located in the Reading Room Language and Literature on the lower level and in the Gallery (a shelf near the transition to the Central Library with the holdings of the areas "German as a Foreign Language Philology", "German Didactics" and relevant reference works on Dutch and Scandinavian Studies, separated for space reasons). The current stock of scientific literature for study and research as well as the current journals (lower level) are kept there. The holdings are freely accessible and are intended for use in the reading room only (presence use).
  • Older or less frequently used literature and works requiring special protection are stored in the central holdings (Magazin) and must be ordered for loan from the Regensburg catalogue.
  • Semester apparatus: the semester apparatus are located at the entrance to the Language and Literature Reading Room (opposite the Regensburg Catalogue). Here, the lecturers can provide you with the literature relevant to a particular seminar (if necessary, copy templates and readers) for the current semester.
  • New acquisitions shelf: next to the semester apparatus you will find the new acquisitions shelf. The new acquisitions made by the subject specialists of the UB for the subjects represented in the reading room Language and Literature (sorted by local indicator) can be viewed there for about four weeks before the titles are placed at the right location.
  • Collections of the Chair of German Studies: a small part of the literature stock of German Studies is stored in the offices of the lecturers. These so-called "Handapparate" are usually reference works or literature on the research foci or projects of the chairs. The literature in these collections can be viewed by all users by appointment.

Important local identifiers (beginnings of shelf marks) for German Studies

Local identifier Location
00 Central holdings (Magazin)
17 Textbook collection of the Central Library
23/G Dissertations in the field of German Studies (in the central holdings)
60 General Literary Studies (in the Reading Room Philosophicum 1)
6001 CD-ROMs and floppy disks (Philosophicum 1)
61 General and Indo-European Linguistics (in the Reading Room Philosophicum 1)
64 German Studies (in the Reading Room Philosophicum 1)
640 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Feistner
641 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Regener
642 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Greule
643 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Geisenhanslüke
644 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Schulz
645 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Daiber
646 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Thurmair
731 "Handapparat" Collection Prof. Franz

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