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Comparative Cultural Studies

Contact persons

Subject librarian

Axel Kronenberg, Dipl.-Kfm. (Univ.)

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.3
Phone: 0941 943-2258 or -3433
E-mail: axel.kronenberg@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Marion Ferst

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.2
Phone: 0941 943-3432
E-mail: marion.ferst@ur.de


Site plans of the Subject Reading Rooms

Symbolbild LagepläneSite plans of the 13 Subject Reading Rooms

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Comparative Cultural Studies (Philosophicum 2 Gallery)

Map Philosophicum 2 Gallery (PDF)

Short overview

Holdings and Reading Room

  • 25,652 volumes
  • of which 3,737 journal volumes
  • 36 subscribed printed journals
  • 210 current e-journals

Collection profile

We acquire literature on various sub-areas of the subject, in particular on the topics of cultural contact, cultural comparison, cultural exchange and digital cultural mediation. The vast majority of the acquisitions focus on the latest study and research literature. Within the above-mentioned areas of comparative cultural studies, monographs on the teaching and research foci of the respective chair of Prof. Dr. Daniel Drascek and the professorship of Prof. Dr. Gunther Hirschfelder will be acquired, as well as reference works of all kinds (encyclopedias, handbooks, language dictionaries).

Currently, more than 80 journals and series are kept up-to-date in printed form; the main topics correspond essentially to those mentioned above in relation to literature acquisition. On the one hand, subscriptions are held to journals covering a wide range of topics, e.g. "Zeitschrift für Volkskunde" (Journal of Folklore) and "Bayerisches JJahrbuch für Volkskunde" (Bavarian Yearbook of Folklore) and on the other hand the collection includes periodicals with a more specific focus, such as "Märchenspiegel - Zeitschrift für internationale Märchenforschung und Märchenpflege" ("Fairytale Mirror - Journal for International Fairy Tale Research and Fairy Tale Preservation"). In addition, subscriptions are sometimes taken out to periodicals with an interdisciplinary character, such as "Forschungen zur Rechtsarchäologie und rechtlichen Volkskunde" ("Research on legal archaeology and legal folklore").

Printed literature is increasingly supplemented by electronic media and subject-specific research instruments. In the field of comparative cultural studies we offer access to over 200 electronic journals (yellow and green dot in the Electronic Journals Library (EZB)) in full text and search options in various literature databases in our Database Information System (DBIS).

Within the scope of its financial possibilities, the University Library of Regensburg always endeavours to acquire the literature you need. Please inform us about your acquisition requests.

Locations for Comparative Cultural Studies Literature

  • The reference collection on Comparative Cultural Studies is mainly located in the Comparative Cultural Studies section of the library (Outline Lesesaal Philosophicum 2 Galerie (PDF)). There, the current stock of scientific literature for study and research as well as the current journals is kept on hand. The holdings are freely accessible and intended for use in the reading room (presence use).

Site plan of the sub-libraries

  • Older or less frequently used literature and works requiring special protection are stored in the central holdings and must be ordered for loan from the Regensburg catalogue.
  • Textbooks: Literature that is of fundamental importance for study and is needed, for example, for lectures or seminars, is usually placed in the reading room at the beginning of the corresponding sub-discipline. The textbook collection of the Central Library also contains a large number of these textbooks. The books from the textbook collection can be borrowed for 4 weeks. Please inform us if important textbooks are not available or not available in sufficient quantity.

Principles of the collection layout

In the reading room Comparative Cultural Studies (as in all other reading rooms of the Regensburg University Library, including the textbook collection) the books are systematically arranged according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a particular topic are placed next to each other.

Related subjects and sublibraries

Since comparative cultural studies as a scholarly discipline is embedded in an interdisciplinary background anyway, the literature that is important for it can also be found in the sublibraries of other disciplines. Thus, for example, some works on cultural history are listed in the History section, works on cultural geography in the Geography section, and works on cultural sociology in the Sociology section. General (i.e. non-cultural science) reference works and the like are kept in the Central Library.

Find literature and media

Reference works in comparative cultural studies

Reference works in comparative cultural studies: More than Wikipedia!

Although Internet portals such as "Wikipedia" can often provide a good introduction to a topic, university work of all kinds usually requires other sources whose information is controlled and meets scientific standards. The Comparative Cultural Studies Library provides a wide range of electronic and printed academic reference works, as for example (Please note, only the English reference works are listed here, for a larger selection of reference materials please refer to the German version of this webpage):

Countries and their cultures
Full Text

The LA - LC Systematics for Comparative Cultural Studies

How is the literature organized?

In the reading room Comparative Cultural Studies (as in all other reading rooms of the Regensburg University Library including the textbook collection) the books are arranged systematically according to subject areas, i.e. all works on a particular topic are placed next to each other. Here you can get an overview of the existing stocks by "browsing" on the shelf.

Section Description
LA 1000 - LA 9999 Journals
LB 10000 - LB 14730   Bibliographies and reference works
LB 15000 - LB 21730 Collected works
LB 23000 - LB 24730 Overall presentations
LB 25000 - LB 28730 History of research
LB 30000 - LB 31730 Theories
LB 32000 - LB 35730 Methods and techniques
LB 40000 - LB 56730 Social and political organisation
LB 57000 - LB 62730 Social action (custom and practice)
LB 65000 - LB 72730 Settlement organization
LB 75000 - LB 80730 Legal organization
LB 85000 - LC 28730 Economics and technology
LC 30000 - LC 42730 Religion, Magic, Faith
LC 50000 - LC 94730 Art and knowledge

Important local identifiers (beginnings of shelf markings) for Comparative Cultural Studies

Local identifier Locations
00 Central library holdings (Magazin)
17 Textbook collection of the Central Library
23/L Dissertations in the field of comparative cultural studies (in the Central Libraray Holdings)
54 Comparative cultural studies (folklore, in the reading room Philosophicum 2)
50 History (including cultural history)
52 Sociology (including cultural sociology)
53 Geography (including cultural geography)
541 Collection of the Chair of Comparative Cultural Studies

Subject specific weblinks

Please note: only the Englisch resources are listed below, for a more extensive selection which also includes all of the German websites please refer to the German version of this webpage.

Subject specific search engines

Institutions and organizations

Scientific publishing

Publication server of the University of Regensburg: Institute for Information and Media, Language and Culture (I:IMSK)

The publication server of the University of Regensburg has the goal of providing evidence of the publications of the University of Regensburg and, if possible, making them freely available (Open Access). The inclusion of older publications is possible at any time and is being encouraged.

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