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General and Comparative Literary Studies

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Subject librarian

Dr. Renate Achenbach

Dr. Renate Achenbach

Philosophy/Theology, Room 2.2.14
Phone 0941 943-3679
E-mail: renate.achenbach@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Martina Posl

Martina Posl

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.08
Phone 0941 943-3438
E-mail: martina.posl@ur.de


Site plans of the sublibraries

Lageplaene-bibliothekSite plans of the 13 sublibraries

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Philosophicum 1 Lower Level

 Map Philosophicum 1 Lower Level PDF

Finding subject-specific information

  • Regensburg catalogue plus

In the Regensburg Catalogue plus you will find about 3.9 million media from the following institutions: University of Regensburg, University of Applied Sciences Regensburg, WIOS, State Library Regensburg, Art Forum East German Gallery, Municipal Museum, Archive of the City of Regensburg, Episcopal Central Library Regensburg, Fürst Thurn und Taxis Court Library and Archive, Bavarian Music Academy Schloss Alteglofsheim, City Museum Abensberg Herzogskasten

Internet portals and subject-specific web links for comparative literature and linguistics

  • Europeana
    Portal on digitised material from European libraries, museums and archives
  • MLA International Bibliography (MLA)
    Most comprehensive specialist philological bibliography, published since 1920 by the Modern Language Association

Short Introduction

General and Comparative Literary Studies (Comparative Literature) covers - due to the interdisciplinary literature available - all the philologies offered at the University of Regensburg as well as the basic literature in cultural and media studies.

The holdings cannot be specifically assigned to the literature of a particular language or language family and are therefore relevant to all philologies. In addition to manuals, reference works and encyclopaedias, you will find interdisciplinary literature on the methodology of literary studies, the history of genres, the history of materials and motifs, literary theory as well as treatises on general and comparative literary history (e.g. collections of essays whose individual contributions deal with the literatures of different languages) and on the interdisciplinary reception history of world literature.

The area of General and Comparative Literature is covered by the local identifier 60 and, in the Regensburger Verbundklassifikation, comprises the notation sections EA with ED, whereby the journals of General and Comparative Literature are listed under EA. Conventional literature is increasingly supplemented by electronic media and web-based research instruments. Within the framework of the financial possibilities of the University Library of Regensburg, your satisfaction with the literature equipment is our primary goal. Therefore, please send us your acquisition suggestions.

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