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Subject librarian

Dr. Ines Häusler

Philosophy/Theology, Room 1.2.04

Phone 0941 943-4178

E-mail: ines.haeusler@ur.de / bohemicum.ub@ur.de

Departmental librarian

Günter Iberl

Günter Iberl

Philosophy/Theology 1, Room 1.2.09

Phone 0941 943-3439

E-mail: guenter.iberl@ur.de / bohemicum.ub@ur.de

Finding Literature and Media


Site plans of the Subject Reading Rooms

Symbolbild LagepläneSite plans of the 13 Subject Reading Rooms

A 3D overview plan shows the reading rooms in the respective faculty buildings.

More detailed floor plans provide you with information about the accesses within the respective building when you click on them.

Reading Rooms with subject allocation

Overview of the reading rooms (PDF) with subject allocation.

Map Reading Room Philosophicum 1 Gallery

Map Philosophicum 1 Gallery PDF

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