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The Commented List of Courses contains all courses of the Faculty of Mathematics.

In addition to the following courses seminars are offered every term.

Courses Academic Year 2018/19

Winter Semester Summer Semester

Algebraic Number Theory I (9 ECTS)

Walter Gubler

Algebraic Number Theory II (9 ECTS)

Walter Gubler

Algebraic Topology (9 ECTS)

Clara Loeh

Group Cohomology (9 ECTS)

Clara Loeh

Modular Forms (9 ECTS)

Guido Kings

Perfectoid Spaces (9 ECTS)

Georg Tamme

Introduction to higher categories (9 ECTS)

Markus Land

Infinity Categories (9 ECTS)

Markus Land

Classical homotopy theory (4,5 ECTS)

Stefan Friedl

Algebraic Topology IV.5 (4,5 ECTS)

Stefan Friedl

Yamabe-Problem and

positive mass theorem (3  ECTS)

Bernd Ammann

An introduction to A1-homotopy theory (3ECTS)

Florian Strunk

Courses Academic Year 2017/18

Winter Semester
Summer Semester

Algebraic Geometry I (9ECTS)
Moritz Kerz

und Florian Strunk

Algebraic Geometry II (9ECTS)

Moritz Kerz / Florian Strunk

Algebraic Topology III

Algebraic Number Theory I (9 ECTS)

Algebraic Topology III 1/2 (4,5 ECTS)

Stefan Friedl

Non-archimedean Analytic Geometry I


Klaus Künnemann

Non-archimedean Analytic Geometry II


Klaus Künnemann

Étale Cohomology

Uwe Jannsen

Selected topics Arithmetic Geometry 

(6 ECTS)

Niko Naumann

The Yamabe Problem (9 ECTS)

Bernd Ammann

K-Theory for real C*-algebras (3 ECTS)

Bernd Ammann

The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem (3 ECTS)

Adeel Khan

Algebraische Topologie II (9 ECTS)


Denis-Charles Cisinski


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