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The Commented List of Courses contains all courses of the Faculty of Mathematics.

In addition to the following courses seminars are offered every term.

Courses Academic Year 2022/23

Winter Semester 2022/23

Summer Semester 2023

Non-commutative homotopy theory (9ECTS)

Bunke, Ulrich, Dr. rer. nat.

Algebraic K-theory and localizing invariants (9ECTS)

Cisinski, Denis-Charles, Dr.

Algebraic topology I (9 ECTS)

Friedl, Stefan, Ph.D.

Motivic homotopy theory (4,5 ECTS)

Hoyois, Marc, Dr.

Algebraic Geometry III (9 ECTS)

Kerz, Moritz, Dr. rer. nat.

Introduction to étale cohomology (3 ECTS)

Kings, Guido, Dr. rer. nat.

Differential Geometry I (9 ECTS)

Ludewig, Matthias, Dr. rer. nat.

Applied Algebraic Topology (9 ECTS)

Löh, Clara, Dr. rer. nat.

Introduction to stable homotopy theory (4,5 ECTS)

Nardin, Denis, PhD

Algebraic Number Theory (9 ECTS)

Naumann, Niko, Dr. rer. nat.


Courses Academic Year 2021/22

Winter Semester 2021/22

Summer Semester 2022

Differential Geometry I (9 ECTS)

Ulrich Bunke

Differential geometry II (9 ECTS)

Ulrich Bunke

Denis-Charles Cisinski

Topics in topology (4,5 ECTS)

Stefan Friedl

Toric Geometry (9 ECTS)

Roberto Gualdi

Algebraic Geometry II (9 ECTS)

Moritz Kerz

Elliptic curves, moduli spaces and
modular forms II (9 ECTS)

Guido Kings

Geometric Group Theory (9 ECTS)

Clara Löh

Algebraic Topology II (9 ECTS)

Pavel Sechin

Riemannsche Flächen (9 ECTS)

Raphael Zentner

Kommutative Algebra (9 ECTS)
(Language of Instruction: German)

Niko Naumann


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