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In addition to the following courses seminars are offered every term.

Courses Academic Year 2017/18

Winter Semester
Summer Semester

Algebraic Geometry I (9ECTS)
Moritz Kerz

und Florian Strunk

Algebraic Geometry II (9ECTS)

Moritz Kerz / Florian Strunk

Algebraic Topology III

Stefan Friedl

Algebraic Topology III 1/2 (4,5 ECTS)

Stefan Friedl

Non-archimedean Analytic Geometry I


Klaus Künnemann

Non-archimedean Analytic Geometry II


Klaus Künnemann

Étale Cohomology

Uwe Jannsen

Selected topics Arithmetic Geometry 

(6 ECTS)

Niko Naumann

The Yamabe Problem (9 ECTS)

Bernd Ammann

K-Theory for real C*-algebras (3 ECTS)

Bernd Ammann

The Grothendieck-Riemann-Roch theorem (3 ECTS)

Adeel Khan

Algebraische Topologie II (9 ECTS)


Denis-Charles Cisinski

The Commented List of Courses contains all courses of the Faculty of Mathematics from the present and three previous semesters.


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