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Selection, Scholarships, and Mobility

The ALGANT Master course is open to all interested students in Europe and elsewhere.


Applicants should:

  • have completed a Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics or equivalent, with good results from a recognised university;
  • have a thorough proficiency in written and spoken English.

For each student a program will be tailored individually but every student will have to go through two hosting institutions of the consortium.

For more details and deadlines for the annual application procedure please see ALGANT Home.


The tuition fee for the ALGANT Master programme is €4000,- a year. The ALGANT consortium offers different kind of scholarships based on academic merit.

Students that need help to cover the tuition fees, can apply for the ALGANT Excellence Scholarship programme (ALExS).


Students in the ALGANT Master Programme, study in, at least, two partner Universities, in two different countries. In the application form, you can indicate your preferred mobility path and whether you are flexible with your mobility. Please note that some scholarships impose mobility restrictions, the consortium might offer you a scholarship based on a particular mobility path.

For more information please see ALGANT Home.


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