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ALGANT Regensburg

ALgebra, Geometry And Number Theory 

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ALGANT is a consortium of seven European and three Non-European Universities and Mathematical Institutions that offers study and research possibilities in Pure Mathematics, focussed on Algebra, Geometry And Number Theory. The University of Regensburg is one of the ALGANT partners.

ALGANT Master is an integrated two-year master course taught in English. Students attend courses in at least two partner institutions and are able to obtain a double degree. Students who have successfully completed the requirements of the ALGANT program will be able to apply to high-level doctoral programs or start directly working in companies.

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Department of Mathematics at the University Regensburg

The department of mathematics offers a research oriented master program in
mathematics. The research of the department is focussed on the three areas
'Arithmetic Geometry', ,Global Analysis and Differential Geometry' and
,Applied Analysis'. The department has been and is part of different European
research networks and hosts the ,Johannes Kepler Research Center for
Mathematics'. The Collaborative Research Center ,Higher Invariants - Interactions between Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis' (funded by the DFG) offers post-doc and PhD positions and an extensive guest program in Arithmetic Geometry and Global Analysis.

Arithmetic Geometry at the Department of Mathematics

Currently the list of researchers in arithmetic geometry in Regensburg includes

and a large number of pre- and post-docs.

Global Analysis and Geometry at the Department of Mathematics


ALGANT Regensburg

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